Wednesday Championship – Round 7

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson


Wednesday Championship - Round 7

The first race began with more of a flurry than usual. While polesitter Jam Wesson darted away along with second place man Kallum Jones, Tom Kitchener had only qualified fourth and was held at bay for a few laps by Lawrance Remington until he managed to wrestle out an opening through the final turn.


Andy Hodson struggled with no grip on the front end, in a kart he described as being "unable to find an apex with a map." He was seized upon by Noel Turbonoz Uhure out of the final corner before suffering the same fate at the hands of Mark Bates down the pit straight a couple of tours later. Leon Jewcock got him immediately after at the hairpin and the writing was engraved on the wall for Andy's race.


Jack Warren, Noel and Mark were having a good battle with the latter coming out on top, passing Jack at the Lightbulb after shifting himself ahead of Noel at the Pin. The pack was soon caught by Leon and a move down into turn one on Noel caused a bit of controversy. The passer asserted he had executed a perfect block pass, but the passed felt the move was too forceful. Thankfully, no driver was made to leave the track and lose further places.


Stephen Colbran was also enjoying his first outing in group one, he  hadn't even qualified last of the group either. Definite progress was being made.


Back at the front, Kallum was struggling with a rather prevailing characteristic of understeer and Tom was fast in the number 4. He was hunting Kallum down but sadly ran out of laps before he could mount a challenge. Jamie romped home with a win and took fastest lap in the process with a 40.011.


In Group two Mike Waterfield simply dominated, winning both races and earning driver of the day.


Andy's on board footage can be viewed here:


A baptism of fire. That's what the early stages of the second race were for pack leader Stephen Colbran. He had been driving quite comfortably for the first two laps, but when he was passed by Andy Hodson into the final corner he fell back into the clutches of the hordes from hell and was subsequently devoured.


During the onslaught, Kallum Jones was shaken off line and Jam Wesson was up along side him. For practically a whole lap they duelled wheel to wheel, until a gaggle of karts entering turn one forced them to go desperate ways. Jamie was fortunate to nick the apex and drive up the inside of the lot of them, making about 4 places. Kallum was caught out in what was essentially a traffic jam on the outside. Noel was caught out, Stephen hit the barrier and somehow Jack Warren managed to emerge relatively unscathed.


Trying to make up for lost time, Kallum went on a charge. His most difficult opponent would have been Lawrance Remington, but the job was made easy for him when his rival got pushed out onto the grass down the back straight.


Meanwhile, Tom Kitchener and Jamie had been making their way through the pack with relatively swift progress. Tom got into the lead with a pass on Andy at the hairpin and Jamie moved into second with a move into turn one. Kallum eventually stole the podium away from Andy at the same corner.


With the light fading fast, Jamie had to flip open his tinted visor to get a clearer definement of the track. He couldn't however match Tom's pace as the race winner set the fastest lap of the evening. In the end, their quickest laps of the evening were only split by 6 thousandths of a second, Tom just quantum inching it with a 40.005 in comparison to Jamie's 40.011.


And in an attempt to make these reviews shorter, coupled with the fact I have my little parrot perched on my left hand which means I've literally written this single-handedly, I'm going to end it there.


Full results can be seen here:


Andy's race two footage can be watched here:




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