Wednesday Championship – Round 4(Part 1)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Wednesday Championship - Round 4(Part 1)

Despite the weather forecasts predicting rain for most of the week, the conditions turned out to be pleasant and dry come Wednesday evening. Branded in new attire, Jam Wesson secured pole followed by Tom Kitchener and Kallum Jones, who showed some improved qualifying form by placing third on the grid. They were joined in group one by the young talents of Lawrance Remington, Kai Rose, Connor Smith & Jack Warren. Andy Hodson, Mark Bates, Mike Waterfield and Peter Daly completed the group.

The first race saw little action at the front, as Jamie pulled away from Tom, who did likewise to Kallum. Lawrance had steady pace and began to reel in Kallum the longer the race went on but by the time he was ready to start mounting an offensive, the remaining lap count had dropped to zero.
Further back, Jack Warren tried to make gains on Andy Hodson but made a mistake attempting to pass and spun out at turn one, dropping to the back. He made a decent recovery drive though to regain three places by the time the flag fell. Kai Rose had a similarly dreadful experience with Turn one, locking up and sailing off circuit onto the grass behind the barriers early on in the race. It wouldn't be his only off at the first corner, but it was evidence how much he was pushing and testing the limits as he went on to set the third fastest lap time.
Mark Bates got his nose into Andy Hodson's inside right tyre as they flew through the final corner, allowing him the inside line down the main straight to complete the pass into turn one. Connor Smith would execute a similar move on him, except he got the move pretty much completed before they had even cleared the second Apex of the final turn.
Mike had a good race with Peter at the rear of the field, both driving consistently with solid lap times. Pete would finish on top, but both drivers would have an opportunity for big points by starting at the head of the field in race two.
Results: Jamie, Tom, Kallum, Lawrance, Mark, Connor, Andy, Jack, Kai, Pete, Mike.
Fastest Lap: Jamie Wesson - 39.746
Part 2 will be predominantly focused on the second race in Group one, so I will make a brief mention to Group two here. It was an awesomely close and interesting group, one I wish I had seen more of if I wasn't busy gathering details of the events in group one. There were four key drivers that dominated proceedings, and all finished sequential to each other in both races. Those drivers were Dan Wright, Richard Warren, Denis Wright & Noel Turbonoz Uhure.
Dan won the opener, something he had been threatening to do for a long time, and a fourth place finish in race two should have secured him the biggest points haul of all the group two runners. But it didn't. Richard Warren, with a second and a fifth, also bagged the fastest lap in both races, earning him an extra 2 points and a bag of choccies. To tighten things up further, Denis Wright and Noel Uhure had incredibly consistent nights with Denis notching 2 podiums, a Third and Second, and Noel finishing directly behind him in both heats.
This meant that Dan, Richard and Dennis all left the circuit having scored a total of 35 points apiece, with Noel only a couple behind on 33. I reckon Richard had the bragging rights though, with the confectionery tipping the sca
les firmly in his favour. The only thing that stopped them from locking out the top four in both races was a certain Edward Lambert, who had a disaster in Race one and fell to the back, but won the second race after starting on pole.
The driver of the day however went to newcomer Lorna Vickers, who showed up with rather little fan fare, but made a big splash battling in the midfield in both heats. It was clean and fair driving from the unassuming girl racer, and was enough to capture our attention and put her through the embar
rassment of having a picture of her face shown against this race report on our website.
Sorry Lorna 😀
Until next Time.