Wednesday Championship – Round 4(Part 2)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Wednesday Championship - Round 4(Part 2)

In case you were not familiar with Sutton racing, we begin race two with a reversed grid in finishing order of the first. While it makes the racing close and exciting, granting some drivers the chance to bag big points, it can every so often become....problematic. Not always in a bad way though. Getting stuck behind Bruno is no fun, but it isn't heated. Its just good racing. For some however, this turned out not to be one of those nights...
It started with a naughty move from Lawrance Remington, who overtook Mark Bates illegally into the first corner. This caused a swathe of unintended activity through the Lightbulb, resulting in Tom Kitchener trying to shove one up the inside of Mark at the hairpin and making heavy contact. Connor Smith got the worst of it with Tom's rebounding kart smashing him in the rear and spinning him out. Mark then had salt rubbed in the wounds when Connor's stationary kart formed a blockade in the middle of the track, one in which he got halted behind.
Lawrance had been ricocheted onto the grass and rejoined the loop in the exact place Kallum Jones, Jam Wesson and Tom were all jostling for position. Tom came off best, followed by Kallum and then Lawrance who caused Jamie to lose some time. However, a nice late braking dive into the hairpin sorted that issue. Moments before, Tom had nearly passed both Andy Hodson and Jack Warren in one move at the same corner.
It took only until the final corner for Tom to get a better exit and draw alongside Jack down the straight, completing the move into turn one. Andy tried to follow through, but to no avail. A small tap through the Lightbulb however sent Jack out wide, and they went wheel to wheel through the exit. Kallum Jones fancied a piece of the action and got a nice undercut out of the Switch, seeing them go three wide into the hairpin.
Kallum got through clean, Jack went wide and was undercut by Andy who was at the same time being passed by Jamie on the inside. It was a mess to be honest. Jamie sadly couldn't complete the move on the exit and struggled to tuck in at the loop, rubbing shoulders with Jack all the way through. Tom meanwhile had been weaving around trying to find a way past Peter Daly, eventually undercutting him as the latter went wide through the hairpin. Kallum nearly followed through, but got caught on the outside, losing a place to Andy and then another to Jamie into the first corner. When Andy went wide at the hairpin, they were both through.
It was from then on that things became chaotic. When Jamie got a drive off the loop and attempted to nose up the inside of Pete down the back straight, the latter driver felt fit to turn in and edge him off the track. Jamie had to hit the brakes and get out of it sharpish. Having lost a place to Kallum and ever so slightly aggrieved, Jamie threw it down the outside at turn one. Peter had gone wide however, and as Jamie exited side by side with Kallum, the number 2 kart turned across them.
Kallum was coerced onto the grass on the right as Pete squirrelled away, Jamie and Andy were both held up and Lawrance & Jack came sailing around the outside. Lawrance slotted in behind Pete, and Jack behind Jamie as Kallum and Andy went wheel to wheel into the bulb at the back. Pete and Lawrance left a gap on the inside of the exit however and Jamie simply drove through it, somehow emerging ahead as they negotiated the Switch. With Mark Bates rejoining the action, the 6 karts behind him charged almost on top of each other toward the hairpin.
Jack went up the inside of Pete and Mark up the inside of Andy, profiting massively with that move as Lawrance and Kallum were forced to go wide. He made up three places in one overtake! Kallum had smartly lined himself up for a slingshot, and as Mark nudged Pete off the track and Lawrance was squeezed onto the grass by Andy, he propelled himself past them all. It wasn't enough to completely clear Mark however, and as the latter veraciously defended his place on the exit, Kallum was forced to lick the grass. Kallum eventually made the move stick in turn one as the battle between Lawrance and Andy raged on behind them.
Further to the front, Tom had picked his way to the lead of the race, followed by Mike Waterfield who was holding a decent 2nd. Jamie was desperate to chase him down, but all plans were scuppered when he was prevented from making any more progress by the young Kai Rose. He was sitting in an impressive third having kept out of the trouble happening behind, and he drove his heart out to defend it. No matter which way Jamie tried, he could not get past. It was a defence that would last all the way to the flag.
Jack and Kallum were engaged in a serious slog for 5th. Andy had momentarily bested Lawrance and begun to mount a challenge on Mark Bates, but as he tried a pass into turn one he went too deep and lost out to them both. Kallum also lost out at the first corner, making contact with Jack and receiving a tank slapper in the process. The killed momentum, and motivation by this point, allowed Mark to catch and pass.
Lawrance and Andy were still not done with each other, with more wheel to wheel action being seen. Lawrance came out ahead while more position changes happened in front of them. Mark got underneath Jack out of the Lightbulb and Kallum also passed him into the hairpin. A tight move into the same corner attempting to pass Mark a lap later resulted in Kallum hitting the cone, while Andy leapfrogged Lawrance as they emerged blended onto the back of Jack's bumper. Mark, Jack, Andy and Lawrance would continue racing neck and neck while Kallum pitted for an early shower.
A move from Jack into turn one nearly spun Mark out. It held Andy up sufficiently enough for Lawrance to perform an undercut and jump ahead of them all. Three places gained, it was one of those nights. It was looking like this contest would see no end, Mark giving Jack the squeeze into the hairpin resulting in a small punt which sent Mark into Lawrance, forcing the current leader of the group to escape with 2 wheels on the grass.
Andy got ahead of Jack and then the flag went. Everyone was breathless. There was enough hot air left though for several drivers to make comment after the race on each others driving standards and conduct, even me. It was a fierce night, but the need for proper marshalling order to be imposed has never been more evident. I do hope we see such exciting races in the future, albeit a bit cleaner.
Results: Tom, Mike, Kai, Jamie, Lawrance, Mark, Andy, Jack, Peter, Connor, Kallum.
Fastest Lap: Tom - 39.894
Watch the whole thing onboard with Andy Hodson who was right in the thick of it. You'll be swirling that 360 camera round like tea cups at the fair.
Quite possibly one of the longest race reports I've ever written. Congratulations if you got this far, you deserve a medal.