Wednesday Championship – Round 6 (Part 2)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson


Wednesday Championship - Round 6 (Part 2)

With the next round of Sutton's evening series drawing towards lights out in just 5 days time, we take a quick look back at race two of Round 6 to whet our appetite...

Progress in this race was slow and hard to come by, by lap three no passes had been made which is very unusual for a reverse grid race. The standard of driving though was impeccable, Tom Kitchener making the first move on Lawrance Remington into turn one with less than a centimetre more to give.

A lap later, Jack Warren acted swiftly in a move that would net him this race. He saw an opportunity into that first corner to pass pole starter Mark Bates, and took it. And not a lap too soon. With clean air he set about pounding out as much of a lead as he could.

Behind him, it seemed like Tom was the only one making progress, first passing Connor Smith into the hairpin and Kai Rose at the Lightbulb. The latter move pushed Kai out and subsequently Connor too as they both went side by side through the Switch, with Connor dropping two wheels on the grass. It set him up nicely to be passed by Lawrance into the pin. Connor tried to make amends into turn one, but his braking was so late not even another 10 metres of tarmac would have slowed him down enough, and he thus went sailing off through the exit barriers and onto the grass, dropping him to the back.

Race one winner Jam Wesson had been biding his time, so much so that his championship rival was up to third before he had even made his first pass. He tried to follow Kallum Jones through on Kai Rose at the hairpin, but it didn't work. He eventually got ahead with a very nice late braking dive along the inner edge of the track at T1.

With Andy Hodson being seized upon by Lawrance and Kallum, he was the next obstacle to overcome. It took a few laps as Andy defended well, with the only place past being a better run into the final corner. Tom was not finding it quite so easy to clear Mark Bates however, who held the current champion at bay around the outside of Turn one. This was buying Jack precious time. The move was eventually done, and the chase for the win was on.

Jamie moved ahead of Lawrance into the hairpin as Kallum moved ahead of Mark out of it, both moves taking place simultaneously at the same corner. However, moments before the hardest of luck had struck when the Lightbulb cone just had to make it's appearance for the night. Trying to get a decent line on Mark for the Switch, Kallum had cut back to the kerb a little too tightly and grazed the tyre beacon with the gentlest of glances. It was enough to set the object in motion, as can be seen at 9:10 on Jamie's footage below. After letting his fate sink in, Kallum pitted for his drive through.

Tom hadn't quite made the gains on Jack he wanted to, and by the time he caught up to the back there was just a lap or two left. Behind, Jamie was desperately trying to pass Mark. He shoved his nose into the tiniest of gaps as Mark defended the pin but it sent Mark washing outwards at the Apex. He let him back ahead and then all of a sudden there was Lawrance! They were wheel to wheel into the final corner with Jamie just muscling him out to stay ahead and then finally Mark gave a gap that Jamie was more than happy to take.

The flag fell. Jack Warren had won! Tom had run out of time. If it had been a lap later that Jack had passed Mark at the start of the race it might have been a different story. But as it was, Jack made every opportunity count, and for 16 or so laps with absolutely nobody in sight ahead, he grinded out every last tenth that would allow him the breathing room to take the chequered first come the end of the race. From being a former Group 3 rookie, Jack Warren had just won Group one. And if that isn't a good enough story to end on, I don't know what is.

Results: Jack, Tom, Jamie, Mark, Lawrance, Andy, Connor, Kai, Kallum.

Fastest Lap: Jamie - 39.933 (Only a hundreth difference to Kallum's 39.949 from race one!)

Jamie's onboard:

Andy's onboard:

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