Wednesday Championship – Round 2(Part 1)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Wednesday Championship Race Review - Round 2(Part 1)

Reflecting one week on from the second instalment of the popular evening series, we take a look back at the action from the opening race in Group 1.

Jam Wesson and Tom Kitchener had been several tenths ahead of anyone else in qualifying but only fractions apart from each other. Jamie stole the pole though and led the field as the racing got under way.

For the most part Jamie was sticking to the racing line in the opening laps, trying to pull a gap. It was a gap that Tom wouldn't allow to emerge and when Tom threw one up the inside at the hairpin, Jamie realised the normal line was no longer an option. He had to defend.

Tom had made contact during that lunge into the pin, clattering into the number 1 kart as they both converged at the apex. Tom pulled aside into the loop, sportingly waving Jamie back through. Giving the place back probably wasn't needed, as while the pass was rough, I had seen worse. Still, it was a nice gesture from Tom to indicate that he was all up for a clean race.

Which makes what happened next so frustrating to the both of us. As Jamie defended into turn one, Tom got right on his gearbox but locked up into the braking zone. It had seemed to Jamie at the time that Tom had tried to go for a gap that wasn't there, but whether his intention or not, Tom pushed Jamie passed the apex and with a huge amount of opposite lock to keep the kart from spinning, straight into the barriers.

Jamie was dropped to fifth with Tom maintaining second, only losing out to Kallum Jones. Kallum had passed Alex Harding into turn one early in the race, a move which Alex wasn't particularly moved to defend. He figured tagging onto the back of his EKL team mate would be the best way to move forward.

Once in the lead, he maintained good pace until Tom finally caught up to the back of him. Jamie had simply fallen too far back for him to give the place back this time. After a short battle, Tom assumed the lead properly this time, and thus proceeded to pull a gap.

Infuriated by the turn of events, Jamie lit the kart 1 up for every ounce of performance it had left in it. He started by undercutting newcomer Stefano Hug after he had a small moment into turn one. Stefan had been driving superbly, surprising me greatly with his pace in quali which he described as "average". They went wheel to wheel into the Lightbulb with Jamie having the advantage on the inside.

He then passed Alex Harding with a well timed late braking effort into the pin, the kart responding with excellent braking grip. They went wheel to wheel too through the loop, again with Jamie holding the upper hand.

The race was too old to grant enough time to catch Kallum, but in those last few laps Jamie used the tow to set the fastest lap of the night. The extra point meant he had only lost one to Tom, but it was still one he was aggrieved to lose.

Elsewhere, Stefan would also find his way past Alex to finish an excellent fourth on his d├ębut. Mark Bates had a lonely race to finish where he qualified in 6th, and Andy Hodson couldn't find a way past Lee Hammond and Jack Warren from the back, making a lunge at Lee into the pin but messing it up. I must say Jack was stunning to make group 1 for what I believe is the first time. I remember when he was an average group 3 runner, now he's mixing it with the established runners. Just goes to show the progress he's made!


Fastest Lap: Jamie - 39.211

Only the absolute briefest mention can be made of group 2, and that's because there was only one pass the whole race! That came courtesy of Mike Waterfield who scored the fastest lap and passed Simon Lee to finish 4th. The race was won by none other than Jack's dad Richard Warren!A quality drive, well done sir!