Wednesday Championship – Round 5(Part 2)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Wednesday Championship - Round 5 (Part 2)

This was going to be intense! Race two always is. Russell Lewis led the pack away like the lead locomotive of a very runaway train. They had only reached the hairpin before Lawrance Remington was up the inside of Karl Spencer, Kallum Jones made a move on Connor Smith and Tom Kitchener tried a dive on Jam Wesson. Lawrance's pass was successful, Kallum's was semi successful and Tom's was not quite as successful.


Kallum and Connor went wheel to wheel all the way through the last bend and on to the straight as Lawrance passed Noel Turbonoz Uhure and moved himself into second by the time the opening lap came to a close. It was a good start from the youngster who had been quick all night!


Behind him, chaos reigned supreme at turn one as Karl made a pass on Noel but overshot and pushed them both wide. With Karl just about getting away unscathed, poor Noel was swallowed up by Alex Harding and Connor both driving underneath him, leaving him no option but to kiss the barriers on his way through the kink.


Connor had 2 wheels on the grass on the approach to the Bulb, forced by a drifting Alex, just about managing to keep it on track before going wide on the exit of the curving right hander and allowing Jamie to get underneath. He defended well through the Switch however, as Noel lost more positions after being further hampered when Connor had gone wide. He was finding himself caught out in all the wrong places.


Jamie got the better of Connor a few corners later, getting a good run alongside him toward the final corner. There was small rubbing contact as Connor turned in for the first apex which then sent him sailing out wide, but the move was done. Back at the front and Lawrance made an attempt for the lead into the hairpin. It didn't quite come off with Russell leaving him on the outside for the loop. the outer line was where he stayed for half a lap, not completing the move until after they had rounded the final turn and emerged onto the main straight. Like predators, Karl and Alex also searched for a way past, with Alex going down the inside of Russell and Karl nailing an absolutely superb undercut to pass both of them, beating Alex to the entry line for the Lightbulb.


Jamie quickly dispatched Russell at the pin to join the action at the sharp end. Tom had been trying to make his way through the field too and was making good progress until he had his turn at passing Russell. A few indecisive weaves caused him to lock his brakes at T1 and spin out. Kallum had to go around the outskirts of the corner and Conner nipped in underneath, pinching Kallum against the barriers at the kink on the way out and authoritatively taking the place. He would hold Kallum at bay for around 3 laps, which gave the leading pack ample opportunity to get away.


Jamie went about nailing a perfect apex pass on Alex Harding for third and then did the same on Karl the following lap, the latter leaving slightly more room after looking over his shoulder in the wrong direction only to find Jamie was already going down his inside! The battle for the lead had now begun...


Karl and Alex remained with the leading two but had their own duel to settle. After being overtaken by Alex, Karl made a repass at turn one but subsequently lost it again after a good scrap. Meanwhile Lawrance was putting on a mighty defence, with Jamie not being able to find any easy way by. This duel went on for the majority of the race, with Lawrance able to maintain control of his kart and keep the momentum despite sliding wide on a couple of occasions, trying to maximise his corner speed.


It reached a point where it looked like there would be no way past, and then Jamie somehow found just enough of a run out of the loop to draw his nose narrowly alongside and expose the gap into the final corner that he had been searching for. With barely three laps left, the lead was his. He made off with the win, and the fastest lap, setting a staggering mid 39 on the very final lap. The move had also opened a door for Alex Harding, who followed Jamie through the final bend when he made his pass and cheekily took second place. I mean, who would do such a thing? It had been a great evening of racing, can't wait for the next one!


Results: Jamie, Alex, Lawrance, Karl, Kallum, Tom, Connor, Noel, Russell.

Fastest Lap: Jamie - 39.593


I apologise that my onboard footage runs out before the pass for the lead is made, sadly I think it ran out of battery. I have a feeling that the pass is made moments after the camera dies too, but most of the exciting action is captured...

Onboard footage

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