Clockwise Championship – Round 7(Part 1)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Clockwise Championship - Round 7 (Part 1)

With the championships now heading into the home straight, this was the final round for the Sunday series before scores started being dropped. Andy Summers entered the round with quite a healthy looking lead in the table, but he was beaten to pole position by nearest rival Tom Kitchener.

The pole man got a good start and quickly put some distance between him and the field behind. 3rd placed Jam Wesson tried his hardest to keep with Andy in the initial stages but the championship leader inched away. The danger was in actual fact to Jamie's rear as Todd White turned up the heat. With blistering pace he was more than a threat to Jamie's podium place. The assault was thwarted though and Jamie's ass saved by the cone at the Lightbulb, which Todd had grazed in his pursuit, resulting in him being given a drive through penalty. He would hit the cone again later in the race.

John Magnor was also having trouble with that cone, emerging at the back after his own drive through. It was nothing compared to David Brown however, who'd had torrid luck by being given a mistaken penalty after somebody else had hit that cone! Steve Langford was more than happy to pick up the places as people seemed to be dropping like flies for cone infringements. He was held at bay though when he mounted a real challenge on Ian Noddy Noden in the latter stages of the race.

The story was same for Paul Whiffin, who had been on the back of Brian Steele for the majority of the race but couldn't find any evident means of a way past.

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