Clockwise Championship – Round 6

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Clockwise Championship - Round 6

The next round of the Clockwise Championship is this Sunday. I wasn't present for the last one, the Atlantic ocean proving a bit of an obstacle to that endeavour, but my duties were kindly covered by Geoff who has provided me with a few notes to compile a report. So as an appetiser to this Sunday's race, we'll take a look back at the action from the previous round...


The first race seemed to see sparse action, but the battle for the lead wasn't disappointing. Polesitter Tom Kitchener initially pulled away from the pack, resuming the pace he had shown when he bagged the front of the grid slot by 2 tenths in qualifying. However, once warmed up Andy Summers came on song and began to close the gap, a movement of forward momentum so strong Tom couldn't hold off being passed at turn one.


He didn't make it easy though, reports after the race mention that Andy thought he was squeezed by the leader after getting a good run at him out of the final turn, with Tom saying he thought Andy's advance was a bit dirty. Either way, the lead had changed hands and Andy made sure it stayed that way.

Behind them, Paul Whiffin came out on top for the final podium place, passing Todd who had once again put in a great qualifying performance. Kurt Partridge had the opposite luck in qualifying but made a good charge forward during the race, passing Steve Langford and Andy Hodson. It would set the drivers up nicely for race two...

Continuing his form from race one, Kurt quickly made his way to the front and pulled a brief gap in the early stages. Tom however usurped Kurt's performance for swift progress by making up 5 places in the first 2 laps, then rapidly gained on Kurt and passed him at turn one.

The two Andy's had a couple of laps tussle and then Summers reportedly seemed to turn on the DRS, making light work of Hodson and then passing Kurt at the Lightbulb. By lap 12 he had moved to within 3-5 secs of Tom. Simon Lee, Steve Langford, Terry O'Keefe, Paul and Todd had an epic battle for 5th - 9th, with only one second separating the lot of them.

The order changed when a mistake from Terry allowed Simon and Paul to get away. The latter then once again bested his rival from race one, moving ahead of the pack at the back to lead the group home.

Andy Summers couldn't quite catch Tom and finished in second but took the fastest lap with him, only 3 hundredths of a second splitting his 40.134 from Tom's 40.166.

Full results for both races can be found on the website here:

See you Sunday.