Wednesday Championship – Round 2(Part 2)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Wednesday Championship - Round 2(Part 2)

The first race had given us an exciting prospect for the second. With the battle between Tom and Jamie still raging, the surprise pace of Stefano Hug and young guns like Jack Warren looking to impress, who knew what would unfold! Although it did fear me with a little trepidation when right before the race Lee Hammond declared he was going to drive at the front "like Bruno, so good luck getting past."

The race got underway with Andy Hodson leading from the front, followed by Bruno Hammond. Mark Bates instantly found himself with oversteer city in the number 4 kart, struggling for any grip in the rears.

It didn't take long for Stefan to pounce, drawing alongside out of the loop down the back straight with Mark pulling across to the right to defend. Jam Wesson had a run on them too and as they went into the final corner, Jamie tried to stick his nose up the inside, but the gap was too tight, he hit the brakes and had a massive snap of oversteer on the first apex which had to be reacted to immediately to avoid smashing into Mark's right rear.

Fortunately for him, Mark washed wide mid corner holding Stefan on the outside, allowing Jamie to just keep enough momentum to duck up the inside of them both as they headed out on to the main straight. Stefan did eventually pass, and I believe Tom Kitchener might have followed Jamie through. The two rivals would make almost identical progress through the field.

Jamie then benefited from another tussle. Alex Harding had got himself on the outside of Lee around the loop and managed to hold it. However, the curvature of the corner meant he just fell back out of Lee's vision. As Lee took his normal line, drifting out to the edge of the track on the exit, he took Alex with him, pushing the stranded driver onto the grass. It wasn't until the last moment that Lee realised the resistance he was feeling wasn't a flat tyre, but a desperate Alex trying to make his way back onto the circuit.

The tangle though cost them both momentum, and Jamie sailed up the inside line down the back straight and was ahead by the final corner. Jamie and Tom then picked off Andy and Jack at the front, with Tom getting a nice undercut on Andy out of turn one to make the pass into second place. A small gap had emerged, but now it was just a straight sprint to the flag between the leading pair. However, if their progress through the field had been almost identical, so was their pace. Tom was able to gain a little in the first half of the lap, with Jamie ensuring the gap stayed wide through the latter half of the lap.

Jack Warren had been running in the top two for a good chunk of the opening half of the race and was having a stellar drive. He dropped back to third when he went a little wide through the Switch and allowed Alex Harding through, and unfortunately for him it was into a right gaggle of karts! A simple error of taking too much kerb had kicked him out wide and made him vulnerable to be passed, something which his rivals were only too keen to prey upon.

Alex then had his good work undone when attempting to pass Andy round the outside at turn one. Andy washed out a little at the apex and made contact with Alex. The impact was sufficient enough to spin Alex around. It wasn't a malicious incident by any means, just a racing incident and the laws of physics having a practical joke.

Stefan used this to get up the inside into the Lightbulb. The surprise of the night was continuing to surprise. Now in third, he was pumping in rapid times in the clean air. So rapid in fact, he scored the fastest lap of the race. It was only a fraction, 4 hundredths to be precise, off the time Jamie managed in race one. And he did it without a tow!!

For me, Stefan was driver of the day.


Fastest Lap: Stefan - 39.248

I didn't catch much of group two, but the team talk I had with Mike Waterfield beforehand must have paid off as he romped home to the win and took fastest lap with him. The stand-out performer though was definitely Noel Turbonoz Uhure, who on his first outing in a Sutton Championship event and with only a few months of karting experience under his belt, took second place. The racing bug had bitten him hard, and awakened some natural talent for sure. Dan Wright bagged another excellent podium to match his result in race one and Simon Lee finished the night on a strong note in fourth.


Fastest Lap: Mike Waterfield - 40.329