Wednesday Championship – Round 1(Part 2)

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by Jamie Wesson

Wednesday Championship Race Review - Round 1(Part 2)

A new season, a new start, but the same old feeling. An intermittent series of races over the winter kept the drivers thirst for action at a containable level, but here the year would begin proper. A treacherously greasy track awaited the drivers for the opening set of races of the 2016 Sutton championships.Race two began with a bang. Well, at least it did for Lee Hammond when he got a little too close to Kai Rose through the kink as they exited the first corner.

The second races are always a nervous affair for me, trying to get through the pack cleanly while racing hard against your rivals is an overwhelming challenge. Tom Kitchener made it look easy here though. In fact, he made it look like he wasn't racing against anyone else on track at all. He swooped around the outside of Jamie through the Switch and ducked on the inside of Lee at the hairpin.

Getting his nose ahead of Mike Waterfield down the straight meant he had made up 3 places in the opening lap, a Senna-esque start to say the least.

Edward Lambert went wide at T1 and lost out to Dan Wright and Kai Rose, as did Mike who lost out to Lee. Then that moment happened in which Lee Hammond caused an Act of God. I had made a hollow bet with him moments before the race to see who would hit the water first. Lee won.

Once again hugging the inside on the Bulb tighter than a spandex jumpsuit, he dipped a wheel off the circuit and caused a wave of water to rise about 6 foot in the air. A hilarious moment for me, not quite so much for Mike who was right behind him and got absolutely drenched. You can see him on the video trying to wipe his visor clear going through the loop.

Ed was struggling and decided to try rally cross instead on the exit of the switch, it didn't appear to be any faster and he fell to the back of the pack. As Jamie passed Mike into the last corner, Tom had moved up into second place....with 2 laps gone.

He tried a move for the lead around the outside of the Lightbulb, but the line had changed since race one, and despite it being soaked on the regular racing line, strangely it was still the path to be on. He dropped back into the pack with Russ, Dan and Kai, but Russ didn't quite come out of the Switch facing the right way, with Jamie and Lee having to take avoiding action to avoid face planting the stricken kart.

For this brief moment, newcomer Dan Wright was leading the race. Making an exceptional d´┐Żbut against a tough grid of regular Sutton drivers, he was holding his own. Tom eventually passed him through the final corner, and Kai followed suit into turn one, but he was having a great drive.

Further behind, wanting to find what the fuss was all about, Lawrance Remington had gone swimming at the Lightbulb. If you try another sport mid way through playing another, it usually affects overall performance. This was no exception. Race 1 winner Kallum Jones was having a steady race too, inheriting a cold kart that took a while to warm up. He picked his way up the field one by one but he would have been disappointed he couldn't fight for another win..

Jamie got underneath Lee out the loop and on the inside of Dan out the last corner a lap later. They went wheel to wheel down the straight before Jamie slotted ahead at the apex. Jamie still hadn't figured out the outer line at the bulb wasn't the optimum, and got a minor knock on the right rear as Dan and Lee got too close for comfort. He made it through the Switch though and it was on to chasing down Kai.

Once caught, Jamie found the youngster difficult to pass, despite Kai leaving several gaps here and there. However, the braking zone into turn one was getting trickier and trickier as more and more moisture from the damp tyres was spread across the circuit. Inch by inch the braking point receded away from the corner and if you didn't notice it, it was going to bite you. It was this fate that met Kai as he went sailing into the hardest braking zone on the track and locked up with a huge puff of smoke emanating from the rear wheels. The kart began to rotate and break away from him but somehow, and I don't know how, he managed to save it from spinning out. It was a big enough mistake though to allow Jamie through.

The latter part of the race saw Jamie and race leader Tom who had run away with a lead the length of the pit straight, trade lap times with each other. Jamie was pulling him in, but had too many inconsistent laps to make much of a gain. the race ended with Kai holding station to finish a strong third, and Dan having a solid drive to place sixth, despite being passed by Kallum and Lee late on. It was a good opening round, and has set the stage for the season to come.


Fastest Lap: Tom - Can't remember what, think it was a 45.3

I didn't see much of group two but it seems Jack Warren had another quality drive to finish 2nd after starting at the back of the grid. He was just outdone by race winner Andy Hodson who took the fastest lap with him too. A consistent performance from Mark Bates saw him clock another fourth place finish with Connor Smith finishing just ahead to round off the podium.

Andy H


Race Two onboard footage