Wednesday Championship – Round 5(Part 1)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson


Wednesday Championship - Round 5(Part 1)

A glorious evening awaited the drivers for round 5 of the Wednesday night championship. Qualifying was a close affair but once again Tom Kitchener rose to the top to claim pole position, ahead of a much improved performance from Kallum Jones. Jam Wesson was third with Lawrance Remington and Connor Smith hot on his heels. Alex Harding made another appearance to line up 6th and former championship regular Karl Spencer made his way into the top group along with a debut appearance from Noel Turbonoz Uhure. Russell Lewis rounded off the top group as the action got underway.

First corner and Tom went sliding wide. Shame you can't pass straight out of the pits, not that it stopped Kallum trying to get him on the exit. It was going to be a loooong race for Tom.


The defensive line was the only way he could go, as Kallum would certainly nail a pass at the first sniff of a gap and likely disappear off with the race win. It kept the pack bunched up, and as Kallum searched for an opening to take the race lead, Jamie was searching for any exposed piece of tarmac where he could pounce on the unsuspecting number 2.


However, it wasn't quite that simple, as everyone behind had the same idea. Jamie was startled when Lawrance appeared on his left hand side through the hairpin. they drew level on the exit and with Jamie keeping the racing line, this proved Lawrance's downfall in a tightly packed field. Stuck on the outside, Connor simply tagged on to the back of Jamie's kart and followed him through the loop, getting underneath of Lawrance. It got a bit frisky as the two raced wheel to wheel toward the final corner, but Lawrance's fate was sealed. Alex Harding followed through and also made the pass, with Lawrance falling back behind Karl Spencer a short while after. He did eventually regain the place on Karl, with a forceful move at the final corner, and would then go on to set the fastest lap, but a points swap was made post race due to the contact.

Back at the front and Tom was still under a crushing amount of pressure with Kallum drawing along the outside of the race leader down the back straight. However through the final turn Jamie spotted one of those exposed strips of road and dashed into the gaping hole behind Tom on the inside. As Tom sprung away and his two rivals behind exited toe to toe, Kallum managed to pick up the drive off the less acute line and inched back ahead, making sure to cover off the inside line down at turn one.


The cat and mouse racing would continue furthermore, with Connor sitting tight on the back of the leading three. There were double undercuts being attempted, bump drafting, fake dummies you name it. Tom's wall would not be broken. Growing impatient with Kallum's lack of progress, Jamie went for a move at the hairpin. But as late as he braked, Kallum was later and he had to get out of it pronto by snapping to the right in the nick of time, narrowly avoiding clipping the back of Kallum's kart and causing a huge accident by a mere hairs width. It would have destroyed the whole complexion on the race had that gone south.


Having regained composure and caught the leading pair within a lap, Jamie saw his next opportunity this time on the exit of the Pin. Kallum had nailed an undercut, but it wasn't quite enough to beat Tom on to the racing line for the loop and he got caught on the outskirts. The only polite thing for Jamie to do was to take up that gap on the inside for him. They hustled their way onto the back straight, Jamie thinking he had this one bagged, but Kallum seemed to draw an extra few metres out of the run up to the final corner, and as Tom held Jamie back a little on the inside of Sutton's double apex right hander, Kallum was able to keep the momentum going around the outside. Once again he pulled ahead out of the corner as they rounded the small kink on the main straight, and hastily tucked in behind Tom to defend the first turn.


What would it take for something to give??


Connor tried joining the action, forcing Jamie to cover with his own defence into T1. At this point Kallum had given up switching to the left and now it was Connor trying the undercuts. They didn't work and for the third time Jamie got the inside of Kallum through the final turn as he tried the outside line on the leader, and for the third time it did not work. His kart just didn't have enough punch on to that main straight. So he tried a dive up the inside at the pin again, Kallum just leaving him a nose width of room at the apex, but there was no momentum to see the move through.


Just when it looked like the race would see no position change in the podium places, the leading pack charged tighter than it had been all race towards the final corner. Feeling almost boxed in Kallum decided to switch to the left and try once more the outer line into the last bend. However it opened up the exact kind of gap Jamie was hoping for the whole race. Noticing Kallum was unable to carry quite the forward speed around the outside as had done so effectively earlier, Jamie latched his nose on to Tom's rear bumper and through the last apex of the last corner on the last lap, moved his kart cleanly ahead of the number 2. The flag dropped, and while Tom jubilantly celebrated the win he had spent 18 laps holding so firmly on to, Jamie had literally robbed Kallum of second place. it had been a thoroughly enjoyable race.


Results: Tom, Jamie, Connor, Alex, Karl, Lawrance, Noel, Russell.

Fastest Lap: Lawrance - 39.938


Onboard, streamed courtesy of the new Sutton Circuit YouTube channel.


Driver of the day in group two went to Kai Rose. In an evening of mixed race results it was only he and Dan Wright that put in consistent performances. But with the youngster outscoring Dan by 2 points with the fastest lap prize to boot, he has earned a reluctant photo of himself on our website. Well done Kai!


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