Wednesday Championship – Round 3(Part 1)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Wednesday Championship - Round 3(Part 1)

We'll start by having a brief look back on race one for the top group and a summary of group two before a more in depth report on the exciting second race from last week's Wednesday series.

The track was patchy to say the least. A few drivers brought their wet weather gear fearing the worst but the weather held off and we had quite a pleasant evening to race in to. For many, this was also their first time driving the new Karts.

The first group of qualifying saw the drivers get faster and faster with each circuit, with Jam Wesson and Tom Kitchener improving by nearly a second on their final lap. Tom would snag pole by a couple of tenths while several drivers took advantage of the yet drier second qualification group, with Kai Rose placing an impressive third on the grid and Mike Waterfield making the cut. Kallum Jones just scraped into the top flight by qualifying 8th.

The first race proved to be lacklustre as each driver was granted an ever increasing amount of space between the karts around them. Jamie dropped off Tom right from the get go, with the only challenge the leader having to overcome being getting past back markers cleanly. Lee Hammond got himself into third place in the early stages but lost a podium finish to a sublime drive from Kallum Jones who made his way up from the back of the grid.

And that's about it. With very little tasty action, I shall not dwell long on this one. Even Andy only bothered sending me his footage from race two. We shall review that in the next post. Here's the results:


Fastest Lap: Tom - 41.290

Group two saw a good number of new and inexperienced racers who all put in great performances. While the top three didn't change for the entirety of race one, there was plenty of action further down. Simon Lee made an impressive drive to fourth from sixth on the grid, followed by a wildcard entry from Olly Kitchener who placed 5th after having jumped on the back of the group and starting from last place. Mark Bates comfortably won the race with fastest lap (40.640)), with Dan Wright in second and Edward Lambert in 3rd.

Despite missing the qualifying session due to arriving late and having to battle his way round at the back of the grid in race one because of it, Noel Turbonoz Uhure made good on his form and showed what he could achieve by winning race two. Perhaps a little exasperated from rushing to get to the circuit during race one, he calmed his nerve, got his head in the game and settled into a beautiful rhythm to stroke kart 3 home to the flag. The two people he passed to get there had mixed fortunes, both making their d but in the championship. Grant Newitt gave it everything but was caught out by the inconsistent conditions a couple of times, resulting in a spin or two onto the grass. But newcomer Max Stirzaker coped impressively well with the mixed grip, attacking the track hard but not making any mistakes and keeping it on the tarmac. Matt Herbert also did well to finish 7th in both races in a 10 kart field.

Noel's victory was chased home by the usual podium contenders with Dan Wright scoring yet another second place. I feel a win coming on for him soon. Mark Bates got third with Olly making another tidy drive up to fourth place. A difficult night for Peter James Kitchener with a 6th and 8th, but we haven't seen the best of him yet. He's my tip for a couple of cracking results later in the year.