Wednesday Championship – Round 9

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson


Wednesday Championship - Round 9



Did you enjoy our Motors TV event? If you did, then we have a further treat for you with a short highlight film from Race Two of Wednesday Round 9.
But first... A written report from Race One! There was so much action in both heats, I thought best to combine both styles of reporting for this round.
Jam Wesson stuck it on pole a fraction ahead of Kallum Jones, the two putting in outstanding qualifying times. Lawrance Remington was an excellent third, one of highest starting slots while Championship leader Tom Kitchener had a mediocre performance in 4th. Jack Warren landed a superb 5th.
That battle for the final podium spot proved intense as Jamie and Kallum disappeared into the distance to commence a fight of their own. Tom squeezed up the inside of Lawrance down into Turn one but overshot and went wide. He sort of took Lawrance with him, and while Lawrance got the cutback on the exit they were both undercut by an opportunistic move from Jack.
Attempting to scarper while Tom and Lawrance continued to duke it out. The two went wheel to wheel all the way from the hairpin to the final corner where Tom won the high line. After Tom was finished with that fight he closed in on Jack, stealing the position at turn one with a well executed dummy. Sadly, Jack's toughest opponent during the race was the inanimate object known as a cone. He made contact with it at the hairpin late in the race, depriving himself of a 4th placed finish and dropping him to 6th.
Further down stream, Kai Rose managed to profit from Jack's misfortune and break into the top 5. Lee Hammond started 8th and made a place on Mark Bates, and Andy Hodson rounded off the results along with Dan Wright who qualified in the top group for the the first time.
Jamie took home the win, but it wasn't without warding off a threat from Kallum Jones who found a turn of speed half way through the race and set the fastest lap. The pair would carry their duel into the second race, in what would prove to be a thriller. Watch what happened below...