Wednesday Championship – Round 3(Part 2)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Wednesday Championship - Round 3(Part 2)

Race two started with it's usual flurry of early activity. Kallum Jones made a move on Lee Hammond at the hairpin who became the right slice of a three way Sandwich as Jam Wesson tried to follow through precisely at the same time Tom Kitchener sent one up the inside of him. The filling came out worse off as Jamie dropped to the back and Tom tucked in behind Lee.

A small kiss from Tom through the last corner sent Lee wide on the exit resulting in a close encounter with the grass. Jamie attempted to take advantage of Tom's hampered momentum with a dive down the inside at turn one but a small damp patch at the apex threw him off slightly, and Tom was able to cut back on the exit. There was a small skirmish through the Lightbulb as Tom warded off Jamie as the latter did the same to Lee.

Further towards the front, Andy Hodson lost his second place to Lawrance after being caught out by the same damp patch at turn one, and Kai Rose made a little excursion through the grass on the exit, knocking a barrier into the middle of the track in the process which Tom, Jamie and Lee had to negotiate while going through the kink.

Lawrance was pressuring leader Mike Waterfield pretty hard, trying to get undercuts out of the hairpin and looks down the inside of Turn one but was having limited luck. Meanwhile, Kallum slipped one into the apex on the inside of Andy at the pin to take third. Kai Rose lost a couple more places, to Tom on the exit of the bulb and then Jamie at the hairpin.

Tom had broken away a little by this point but when he tried to go down the inside of Andy at turn one, he went far too deep and as Andy turned in, he had his left rear nudged which further straightened him out when the corner was very clearly going in the opposite direction. He managed to get the kart rotated round on the exit kerb, but not only failed in his passing attempt but lost a place to Jamie too. His Rival immediately passed Andy at the pin and he quickly reacted to follow him through.

Back towards the front and Mike Waterfield was doing an excellent job at defending his lead and making himself the bottleneck in a three way fight between himself, Lawrance and Kallum. Just behind them, Tom tried a move down the inside of the first turn but Jamie held him off around the outside. Kai Rose also gave Andy a small tap into the corner to let him know he was there.

the battle towards the front was still pretty intense, with Kallum getting between Lawrance and Mike. However even he couldn't break the iron wall defence of Mike and eventually fell back behind Lawrance at the loop. Tom passed Jamie once again at Turn One, but as the pair caught up to Kallum, Jamie very nearly got the place back on 2 occasions when Kallum forced Tom to brake early, exposing a nice gap at the apex. Jamie kept diving in to it, but there was no room to carry the momentum on the exit.

Eventually, one of those dives bore fruit, albeit unexpectedly. Tom tucked in behind Kallum on the inside down the main straight but changed his mind to switch to the outside late, at the precise same time as Kallum moved out to create some breathing space on entry to the corner. This caused Tom a bit of a wiggle and created an even bigger hole than before. Jamie went for it. He had to use Kallum as a brake at the apex though, and Tom went off through the grass at the kink. Jamie raised his hand thinking he had hit Tom but watching the video perhaps that was the only route Tom saw out of the situation.

Tom eventually lost the place for certain upon discovering he had zero grip when he re-entered the track at the Lightbulb, his tyres greasy from the wet grass. Mike was still holding the lead from Lawrance in what had been a spectacular drive, but then, 'the incident' happened.

Lawrance got on the inside of Mike through the last corner but carried a little too much speed and pushed him out wide. With the damp patches still lurking there was no spare grip out there for Mike to sort it out. He slid onto the grass but kept the peddle pinned, hoping the rejoin the track as quickly as possible. However it catapulted him horizontally across the track, just as Jamie was driving past him. He T-boned Jamie with an almighty whack, sending the dazed driver pirouetting. Tom had been lining Jamie up for a pass and also received a swipe as Mike's kart swung round, sending him bouncing across the lawn and forcing him to rejoin on the other side of the circuit at the hairpin! He was now either half a lap up or half a lap behind!

Andy seized the opportunity to pass the stricken Jamie as the latter struggled to get back up to speed. It was where he would stay for the remainder of the race as the man who was still trying to remember what day it was struggled to pass him. Tom meanwhile held back and began racing with the leaders once they had caught up. After crossing the line ahead of Lawrance and Kallum on the penultimate lap, he pitted thinking he had won the race. However, there was still a lap to go! His error resulted in a last place finish but I'm not sure the result would have stood as he was behind Jamie when the incident happened but decided to resume his race behind Kallum who was at least 10 kart lengths up the road from where Tom should have been. Kallum crossed the line narrowly ahead of Lawrance to steal the win.

Either way, it was a bizarre race. My camera died before the flag so you'll have to watch Andy's footage to see the end, but on that note I think we'll call it a night.


Fastest Lap: Kallum - 40.547

Video footage :

Jamie's Onboard

Andy's Onboard