Wednesday Championship – Round 6 (Part 1)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson


Wednesday Championship - Round 6 (Part 1)

Now that I'm back from my holidays I can finally get round to writing some reports. Due to having limited time to write at present, I shall try to keep each review of August's rounds brief (I say that all the time...)

For the Wednesday series, we had two full groups that made for a healthy looking field of drivers. After claiming pole by a good couple of tenths thanks to stealing a tow from Connor Smith who qualified a superb second, Jam Wesson had a pretty boring race as he drove away with the win in Race one.

Behind him, Connor was struggling for front running pace in the number 2 kart and after holding up the grid for a few laps, succumbed to the pressure and dropped back to fifth. In that position had started Kallum Jones, who had the absolute opposite fortune and made his way up to Second, setting the fastest lap in the process.

Tom Kitchener also had an unusually sub standard qualifying but managed to make up a place from his fourth place start and round off the podium, at the expense of Lawrance Remington who lost the place and finished fourth instead. Kai Rose had a steady race in 6th but the biggest talking point afterwards was the controversy over 'conegate'.

The drivers at the rear of group one had a torrid time with the circuit boundary cones. Despite the new tyre-like object that has been placed on the exit of the Lightbulb causing all the chatter before the race and most notably causing debate in the two previous rounds, it was actually the long standing cones at the hairpin and final corner that were causing the mischeif.

Jack Warren had attempted a pass on Andy Hodson at the hairpin but a tightening gap around Sutton's tightest corner meant Jack had a decision to make: collide with Andy or collide with the cone. Not wanting to get in a dubious tangle with his fellow racer, Jack chose the cone and subsequently was made to take a drive through penalty. Mark Bates, while also battling with Andy, unwittingly nudged the cone at the second apex of the final corner, resulting in the same punishment. Either Andy was a Mario kart master rank 91 at cunningly luring his rivals into hitting cones, or the objects effectively severed what had been some clean, fair and enjoyable racing.

Cones are a difficult thing to police. They are there to enforce track boundaries, stop drivers from taking an advantage and to allow me a free place every once in a while. They could be enforced with context, but then that could always lead to ambiguities, differences of opinion, and potentially create more feuds. If the rules are black and white, there are no if's and but's. You touch them, you come through the pits. I agree that it can be a cruel mistress, even for me sometimes, but we are just trying to put into play some rules that help make the racing fair for everyone. Harder than it sounds when you have 20 guys that all want to win...

Results: Jamie, Kallum, Tom, Lawrance, Conner, Kai, Andy, Jack, Mark.

Fastest Lap: Kallum - 39.949

Jack Warren goes on to get driver of the day for Group one in Wednesday round 6, as you shall discover in part 2. But as the image for that report will likely be taken up by Russell, who was superb in the second group, I am going to use the epically cool picture of Jack as the thumbnail for this report...

Enjoy the rather interesting 360 degree camera footage from onboard Andy Hodson.

Thanks for reading.