Grand Prix Sprint Racing

Get all the action of an F1 style Grand-Prix sprint race. Great for groups of 1 – 12 people, you can get your entire group out for a flag to flag kart race.

Sprint Racing, Grand Prix Karting in Leicestershire

At Sutton Circuit we operate three main Grand Prix style sprint race formats: single race, double-header, or heats and finals for larger groups. All our grand-prix / sprint style race formats start with 5 minutes of qualifying to set the grid for the races.

Single Sprint Race

Once you are all briefed and ready to go, your race will start with a 5-minute qualifying session. It’s fast a furious as your entire group fights to put in the fastest time and secure their place on the grid. Will you get the advantage of a pole position start, or have to fight your way through the field in the race? It’s all down to your qualifying time.

As soon as you return to the pits from qualifying, you will be lined up in your starting order ready for a rolling start down the main straight. Then it’s 20 minutes of flag to flag racing. Keep on the track and stay ahead of your rivals to claim the prize and the honours at the end of the race. There can be only one winner and it’s the first across the line after 20 minutes that will be the champ.

* Suitable for groups of up to 12 people.

20 Minute Sprint Race

£2900Per Head
  • 5 Mins Qualifying & 20 Mins Race

Double Header Sprint Race

2 * 15 Minute Races

£4000Per Head
  • 5 Mins Qualifying & 2 * 15 Minute Races

As with the single race format, qualifying is a 5-minute session to determine your grid position, but this time you will have 2 chances to race for the win on track against your friends.

RACE 1: A straight shoot out. Flag to flag race starting in qualifying order, this race is your chance to bang in the points and cement your chances of winning the all-important doubleheader race on points. A good qualifying position will put you high up the grid and give you the opportunity to fight for the chequered flag win in this first of two races. But the overall winner will be decided on total points, not just from this first race. So make sure you are placed well to be in with a chance of the honours.

RACE 2: Now the fun really starts. Race 2 is a reverse order grid, turning qualifying on its head.  The fastest driver in Race 1 will be starting from the back and will need to fight his or her way up through the pack to reach the front and get those all important points to take the overall win.

* Suitable for groups of up to 12 people.

Heats and Finals for Larger Groups

Great for larger groups, everyone will take part in a 5-minute qualifying session to determine the starting grids for the opening racing heats. A good qualifying position will give you the best chance of winning your heat race, and earning yourself a place in the Finals, so that will have you a shot at the overall win.

With qualifying out of the way, each driver will be allocated to a heat race with the top drivers from each heat going forward to the group A final and the remaining drivers going into the group B final; thus making for more evenly matched racing in the finals and 2 chances for the honour of winning the finals.

* Suitable for groups 12 or more people.

Heats & Finals

£4000Per Head
  • 5 Mins Quali, 15 Minute Heat Race & 15 Minute Final