Team Endurance Kart Racing

Race as a team in a le-mans style team endurance event, complete with pit-stops and driver changes, our team endurance kart racing events are great for larger groups of 12 drivers or more (up to around 48 drivers).

Divide up the the drivers in your group into teams and each team member will get 30 minutes of track time during the race, so with teams of two you will run a 1 hour race, teams of 3 run an hour and a half and teams of 4 can run a 2 hour race, and all for only £40.00 per driver. Of course, if you want a little more track time then you can always double up and do a two-hour endurance race with only 2 drivers per team at a cost of £80.00 per driver.

A five-minute per driver qualifying session will decide the starting grid, but remember this is an endurance race so it’s not won or lost in the first corner.

So 40 drivers in 10 teams of 4 will get 20 minutes of qualifying and a 2-hour endurance race all for only £40.00 per head and if you want free drinks and trophies for the winners then it’s only another £3.00 on top.

Our endurance events are a great way to bring a team together, we can customise the format to suit any size of group.

Team Endurance Race

£4000Per Head
  • 5 Mins Qualifying with 30 Minutes Track Time Per Driver
Team Endurance Karting Leicestershire