Team 175 Championships – Round 4

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Team 175 Race Review - Round 4

For what I think has been every race of the season now, a reverse grid was decided on Sunday and Russell Lewis led the karts away with Jon Brown and Jam Wesson surprisingly right behind him. Both teams were carrying extra lead, the Browns because of Bruno's weight loss programme and Jamie because he and Todd had success ballast. The weighted karts had mired them in the midfield and immediately put them under pressure from Rachel Summers and Ian Noddy Noden.
Jamie saw an opportunity to free himself of the scrap when Jon got a bad run out of the Switch. Richard the marshal had placed a cone right on the exit kerb of the Lightbulb which kept throwing drivers off. However, Jamie got a slap of oversteer as he tried to aggressively rotate his kart on cold tyres, and the chance was blown.
As the field coalesced at the final corner, Noddy showed a run of speed as Jon and Jamie got scrappy exits. Both drivers defended, but he held the outside at turn one and completed the pass on Jamie. Jon was next with Noddy getting his nose on the inside into the final corner and shuffling his way through. Jon was forced to go wide and Jamie tried to get underneath him as they emerged onto the straight. But as Jamie began to draw along side Jon was closing the door, drifting to the right to such an extent that he put Jamie clean into the dividing barrier wall.
Red Flag.
Jamie had clattered the barriers with an almighty smash that cleared the entire section of barriers into a scattered mess across the tarmac. One had rose up and hit him as he spun 180 but he was okay, and quickly got his kart turned back in the right direction.
Once the racing resumed Noddy jumped ahead of Russell and Rachel and Jamie hunted down Jon. With a fierce and clean late braking move into the first corner she commanded the apex, leaving Jon the only choice but to sip some of his own medicine by going head long through the gap in the barriers and bouncing along the grass. With Jamie now right on his tail, it was only a short while until the pass was made at the hairpin. With Jamie holding him off, Jon decided it was run around time, and then the driver change stops came.
Todd White emerged behind Craig Dudley and at one point Jamie ushered him to make his run around, but he soon cleared the number 5 kart with Craig spinning out at the hairpin a few laps later. Although in clean air, he decided to do his run around just as race leader Andy Summers caught up to lap him. This brought him out directly behind David Brown, showing the two teams had been lapping extremely evenly in the interim with the Browns just coming out on top.
As Jamie retook the reigns and Bruno handed back to Jon, the situation was unchanged. After a few laps of bumper to bumper racing, Jon was once again caught out by the ill placed cone, and went horribly wide through the Switch. Jamie stayed tight and got a decent run, completing another pass into the hairpin. He broke away a little but the gap ebbed and flowed. Then, despite setting his fastest lap of the stint, Jamie found Jon buzzing on his bumper. Some hard defending was in order as Rachel also caught up, getting slightly caught out by the pairs erratic kart positioning.
Bruno decided to pit Jon first, with Jamie following the lap after. Todd managed to maintain the advantage but needed to tighten the strings on his boxing gloves if he wished to maintain it. An intense battle begun, and Rachel's team mate Neil Summers joined the party undercutting Bruno through turn one and hustling his way past Todd at the Lightbulb. Those moves were for position! He had climbed to second.
Andy Summers then approached to lap the field for the second time, but as he went down the inside of Bruno at the pin he spun out, likely due to the narrow margin he had to avoid collecting Todd. As Neil then lined up a move on Craig, the number 5 spun out once more, taking the unprepared Neil with him! He rejoined caught in a sandwich between Todd and Bruno, one he was quick to get himself out of at Turn one. The flag then began to flutter, with Andy & Noddy taking a dominant victory and Todd managing to hold on to that final podium place by the skin of his teeth. It wasn't the fleshiest of grids, but it was certainly a fun, entertaining and action packed race.
1st: Andy & Noddy
2nd: Neil & Rachel
3rd: Todd & Jamie
4th: Bruno & Jon
5th: Russell & Craig
Fastest Lap: Rachel - Think it was a 40.1???
Thanks for reading.
Next race is on Wednesday.