Clockwise Championship – Round 5(Part 2)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Clockwise Championship - Round 5 (Part 2)

Due to finding little time to complete this month's race reports, I'll try and keep them short and snappy (As if.)


Paul Whiffin led the pack away as the reversed grid group one field charged headlong into the race. Todd White made the first move with a nice pass on Andrew Strike into the hairpin on the opening lap. Jam Wesson soon followed up the inside into the final corner after a decent run down the back straight. It seems Andrew was struggling initially with the kart 3 that had proven the devil of the fleet all day.


Only a corner later and Todd himself was swallowed by Jamie into the first turn, moving aside into the braking zone to allow Jamie the gap. John Magnor was pressuring Paul at the front, very nearly making contact at the hairpin which could have ended disastrously. The resultant lack of momentum out of the corner allowed the pack to catch up, and Jamie attempted to go around the outside of John into the final turn, with Todd trying to take his place back from the attacker on the exit. As everybody converged upon T1, Jamie was underneath John as Todd defended from the progressing Andy Summers behind.


It got a bit tight for John through the following sequence of corners, and due to being left on the outside for the bulb he lost a few places. Todd then got a bit out of sorts on the way to the hairpin, nearly dipping his right front wheel onto the grass. He was seized upon by Andy who made the pass into the pin. The action in Jamie's race concluded when he made a nice move at the first apex of the final corner to pass Paul, and then defended his newly acquired lead into turn one. He would go on to set the fastest lap and win the race.


Paul however was set upon by Andy, who made a very nice, albeit late move to squeeze his way ahead into turn one. After a good few laps of bumper to bumper action, Todd was through as well after a great undercut technique out of the loop and on to the back straight, completing the pass at the final corner.


Tom Kitchener had endured a relatively quiet race, unable to match the progress through the field of his now pack leading rivals. The race was over half way done by the time he managed to execute a smart undercut on Todd White to take third place. With the smaller grid size, the flag fell on Round 5 of the clockwise series. Andy maintains his gigantic lead in the championship, but will his rivals be able to encroach on that lead in the second half of the season?


Results: Jamie, Andy, Tom, Todd, John, Andrew, Paul.

Fastest Lap: Jamie - 40.071

Todd's onboard footage