Clockwise Championship – Round 3(Part 2)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Clockwise Championship - Round 3 (Part 2)

"Now this is a story all about how, my race got flipped-turned upside down, and I'd like to take a minute to let you know, I'll tell you how I became stuck behind a man named Bruno."

In a reverse race, the goal is always simple. Get to the front as quickly as possible. No matter where you start, you beat the guys in front of you and should be able to pass them, right? Well, not exactly...

Right from the off Andy Summers and Jon Brown were going at it hammer and tongue, rubbing elbows through the Lightbulb. John Magnor was among the first to clear David Brown in the number 2 kart. There was a small tap on entry to the pin that sent Bruno a little wide on the exit, but with a small glance at his rival John thought "Whatevs" and drove on.

Kurt Partridge got alongside Bruno through the loop due to the incident but was always going to be on the wrong line through there. He was pushed out on the exit, losing a place to Jon who quickly dispatched his dad in the final corner. Andy and Tom then got ahead of Kurt down the main straight and as Andy tried a move down the inside of Bruno at turn one, the defending driver allowed him just enough room at the apex to prevent contact but held him off as they went through the kink. It was only a matter of time though and Andy was through at the hairpin.

By this point, Kurt had dropped to the back, struggling for pace. Tom got underneath Bruno through the loop and kept him on the outside as they entered the final corner. He was powerless to prevent Tom and Jamie getting ahead as they broke onto the main straight. However, with a burst of traction off the final turn, almost as if the number 2 kart had deployed KERS, Jamie saw what would be the death of his race slide up along his left hand side.

The ominous grim reaper of race results had awakened. Despite still holding the inside line, Bruno carried tremendous speed into and around the outside of the corner to remain ahead into the Lightbulb. At this stage, he wasn't a concern. Everyone else had gotten past him easily enough, how hard can it be?

Jamie found out how hard it could be when a lunge up the inside into the hairpin went massively wrong. He got a slight slap of oversteer when he locked the rear brakes and went careering into a gap that wasn't all that open, resulting in him giving Bruno a huge whack as they turned in for the corner. Jamie duly let Bruno have the place back, with the unfortunate Kurt still unable to make anything of it having emerged on the outside of the loop.

Meanwhile Jon had overtaken the other John and was hunting down the race leader Alex Haydon Williams. He would eventually pass and go on to win the race with Andy in second and Tom in third. I honestly can't tell you about how that happened because, well, nobody really saw it. In an ironic twist everyone's eyes became glued to the battle at the back, which will be the focus for the rest of this post.

Kurt took charge of the first assault against Bruno. A great run down the inside into turn one should have sealed it but he wasn't late enough on the brakes, Bruno catapulting into the apex first. A switch of positions at the hairpin and it was Jamie's turn, trying the same thing into turn one but this time braking too late and sliding out wide, too wide to keep any momentum going.

Back with Kurt, and he applied all the pressure he could until succumbing to a side by side battle with Jamie down the straight. This time Jamie tried going down the outside into the first corner. The desperation of the situation was beginning to show as he watched his rivals get ever more distant. Sadly, there wasn't enough rear grip to keep the kart planted and he once again went sailing wide and off line.

Jamie and Kurt would continue switching places as each one tried to mount a challenge against the mighty wall that was in front of them. However, it was a wall that was not looking like it was going to be breached. The last opportunity came when Jamie got his nose inside of Bruno on the approach to the hairpin, but Bruno gave him a squeeze, kept his rivals kart pinched against the apex and made sure he emerged on the right hand side to have the advantage into the loop.

Jamie and Kurt tried everything, absolutely everything to get by but none of it proved fruitful. Nothing short of, I dunno, sailing over his kart 6 foot in the air could perhaps have triumphed over David Brown that day. It was frustrating for the drivers but also highly amusing for our co-racers, who had kindly written my race report for me when I came in. Above all else though, the racing was clean. Neither driver did anything underhand in their frustrations to pass, nor did Bruno feel the need to push us off the track to defend the place. It was good fair racing. But next time Bruno, do you mind not being so fast?


Fastest Lap: Jon Brown - 40.353

Kurt's onboard video footage of the entire round.