Clockwise Championship – Round 3(Part 1)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Clockwise Championship- Round 3 (Part 1)

Group one saw an all star cast take to the field as the Clockwise championship enjoyed it's best turn out of the year. Three groups of races would occur, but it was Jam Wesson who narrowly secured pole by 2 hundredths of a second over his long time rival Tom Kitchener in the top flight. Andy Summers would line up third in front of an impressive performance from Kurt Partridge. Jon Brown, John Magnor, David Brown and Alex Haydon Williams would finalise the group.

Race one started with immediate pressure being applied by Tom. It would be a great battle for the lead that would rage the whole race. The normal defensive routine was played out over the first few laps until Tom nailed a sweet undercut coming out of turn one to take the lead. Jamie stuck right onto the back of him and kept the throttle pinned through the Lightbulb. Tom initially went defensively as they exited the switch, but changed his mind in the braking zone believing there would be no further threat. Jamie took his chance and threw into the gap that had opened on the inside. The dummy had paid off. He made it stick, just.

Tom had tried to counteract the move with a cut back, and got good traction off the pin. He got the majority of his kart ahead of Jamie as they entered the loop but the latter commanded the inside line, and just had his nose up the inside. Instead of chopping Jamie's nose off and possibly causing some drama if he tried to tuck back in, Tom very respectfully and sportingly left some room, just as Jamie had done when Tom got the inside of him a few corners before. With the inside line being the quicker due to the curvature, Jamie retook the lead on the exit and gave Tom a thumbs up for the fair racing etiquette that was on display. It was a good clean battle.

Tom's attention was then turned towards another driver in the form of Andy Summers who made a pass on him into the first corner. While Tom concerned himself with getting his second place back, Jamie took the opportunity to break away and get himself some breathing space. It wasn't long however before Tom had remade the pass on Andy at the same corner and was once again on the hunt for the leader.

With only a handful of laps to go, Jamie once again had to take defensive measures, covering every possible exposed hole he could. Things got tantalizingly close when Tom got a good run up towards the final corner, poking his nose into Jamie's peripheral vision and very nearly getting the right hand line down the straight. Eventually, time ran out and the flag dropped allowing Jamie to take the win.

Elsewhere, Kurt and John Magnor had a race long duel after JB got past Kurt early on in the race at T1. Jon Brown had a lonely race from then on, but the two behind him were close the whole way with John sitting on Kurt's bumper, unable to find that extra something that was needed to pass. At the back, Alex Williams was having problems. He couldn't pass Bruno. An omen for race two had already begun to awaken...


Fastest Lap: Tom - 40.007