Team 175 Championships – Round 2

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Team 175 Race Review - Round 2

The Teams -
Kart 1: Pete Adams & Tony Kerr
Kart 2: Russell Lewis & Craig Dudley
Kart 3: Don Bowen & Sean Cassidy
Kart 4: Todd White & Jam Wesson
Kart 5: Stewart Dee & Noah Timmington
Kart 6: Richard & Jack Warren
Kart 7: Ian Noddy Noden & Rachel Summers
Kart 8: Jon & David Brown
Kart 9: Pete Gauril &Taz

After being out of action for several months with an extremely serious illness that left him 10 Kilo's shy of thin air, Don Bowen came back and spanked us all by grabbing pole position in his first 5 laps.

He was immediately shafted by a coin toss though which left him at the back on a reverse grid start. Jamie and Jon Brown were just ahead of him along with a thirsty pack of kart racers all determined to make good on the start.

Four of them all had the same idea on the opening lap. Mired towards the back of the pack and gasping for clean air, Don, Jamie, Jon and Pete Adams all made a dash for the pit lane as the karts rounded the final corner for the first time. It created quite a dramatic scene as their team mates eagerly watched on, all four drivers clambering out the karts and throwing themselves hastily back in again. Even more remarkable was the fact that all four stops were near enough identical, with each driver leaving the pits with exactly the same gap to one another as what they entered it with.

Stewart Dee got the signal from Noah about 4 laps in to do his, wisely pulling him out of traffic and into clean air. Russell was contemplating doing his stop too but looked around him to find nobody there. He was all on his own in the lead!

Jon eventually found his way around Pete and pulled a small gap while Jamie struggled to do the same. The deadlock was eventually broken with a dive up the inside at the hairpin. Don had been threatening too and found himself embroiled in a battle with Pete for the rest of the stint while Jamie broke away after.

They came up on Ian Noden who, being weighted as the heaviest driver on the grid, was relatively comfortable to pass, neither driver suffering any loss of time. However when Pete tried to make his way by there was contact, forcing him to give the place back and in turn allow Don through.

Jamie slowly closed up on Jon to a point of practically becoming one with his rear bumper, but then it was time for the stops. The front runners all boxed on the same lap and there was only fractional differences in the change over times. However Jamie & Todd's chase of the Browns was hampered when Todd got caught behind the number 5 kart of Noah Timmington who proved impossible to pass. It wouldn't be the last time...

This allowed Bruno to get away. Jamie had similar problems when he re-emerged, finding himself with the challenge of overtaking the Blue Baron Don Bowen, rocking some of the circuits overalls for this race. Jamie was just slightly quicker and Don held him off for as long as he could but by this point the pole-sitters stamina was beginning to wane and he signalled he was done by submitting the place to his rival down the main straight. A valiant effort though, it cannot be denied.

The race for the lead had a spark of hope however when toward the end of the third stint Jon got caught behind a throng of four karts headed by Ian Noden which included the likes of Tony Kerr and Russell Lewis. It was an intense battle, and if Bruno got caught up in it after the pit stops then there might still be a chance for Todd to do some damage. A rally to Todd as they switched in the pit lane reinforced the idea that they could still do this.

Unfortunately it turned out that the Browns pit stop was good enough to ensure that Bruno only had to pass one kart to get back into clean air. Meanwhile, Todd was caught in a pack of karts instead. Jack Warren was beginning to light up the track and passed Tony for position, moving the number 6 kart up to 4th place. He then got on to the back of Todd who was struggling to find a way past Rachel Summers and Noah Timmington in front of him.

Jack quickly picked off Todd and then made a move on Rachel in turn one. Todd tried to follow him through but was cut off on the entrance to the Lightbulb and ended up on the grass. The final attack from Jack saw him make a sublime late braking dive down the inside of Noah into that same first corner. Noah had mounted a sterling defence, but nothing could have stopped that move.

A couple of laps later and the flag dropped, confirming the Brown's as the winners. Jamie & Todd were only 9 seconds down the road but had secured the fastest lap. A special mention however must go to Pete & Taz in the number 9 kart. Their race panned out largely under the radar from the perspective that I didn't catch any of it, but in their first race back at the circuit for a number of years they managed to secure a podium finish with third place. They clearly were able to shake the rust off quickly and prove they still have the speed. For me, despite having no idea how it occurred, it was the result of the day.

Final Results:
1st = Jon & Bruno
2nd = Todd & Jamie
3rd = Pete & Taz
4th = Richard & Jack
5th = Pete & Tony
6th = Don & Sean
7th = Noddy & Rachel
8th = Stewart & Noah
9th = Russell & Craig