Clockwise Championship – Round 1(Part 1)

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by Jamie Wesson


Clockwise Championship Race Review - Round 1(Part 1)

The start of Sutton's Sunday racing began on a popular note. We had a great turnout, and crammed all in attendance into two groups of 10 & 11 Karts respectively. It always makes for an intense race when we get such busy grids. It may not sound a lot compared to some other championships that run 25 Karts all in one heat, but it feels chaotic on the small, winding tarmac of Sutton's layout.

I personally didn't enjoy this round. I was looking forward to a great battle amongst the top 5 Karts, but after being pushed out of the way and realising others were not quite as prepared to race as fairly as I was, I made a desperate move in retaliation and hit the cone.

From way behind the rest of the field, I didn't see much of the race, and neither did my camera as I had mounted it too low on the helmet. Previously I had it sitting on top of the central air vent, but when I removed it after the Wednesday round the black tack decided to remove the 'open/closed' tab on the air vent with it. After painstakingly fixing the tab back in place, I decided to try and mount it in front of the vent. However the curvature of the helmet meant it saw nothing but steering wheel.

Either way, it seemed that the top 3 at least had a good race exchanging positions. There was decent action in the midfield too, but as I can't give you any detail I'm going to do something I don't usually do in these race reports. I'm going to focus on group two instead..

But first, the race one results for group one:
Andy S
Tom K
Jon B
Alex W
Martin B
Luke H
Karl S

There is a couple of very good reasons I want to focus on group two. Not only was the racing good, but thanks to our very own Todd White & Andy Hodson we have some superb footage of the action. For what I believe is the first time ever, Andy has captured the race using an interactive 360 degree camera. For that reason, Andy's is the featured video in this post, but Todd's onboard is just as intriguing and you can watch it using the link at the bottom.

To save this post being too long, and the fact you can watch the race unfold anyway, I will highlight the key events of the race here. I'm really impressed by the 360 camera, even if the sound is all wind noise. Face the camera backwards and watch as Andy immediately comes under pressure from Oliver Warner, then spin it to the side as they go wheel to wheel through the loop, last corner and main straight.

The pressure continued for Andy when he lost another place to Bob Moss during his battle with Paul Whiffin, who had also been quickly dispatched by Ollie. Andy was right back at him at T1 though. Ollie continued to make good progress and moved ahead of John Magnor into third and joined the close battle at the front where Todd was putting intense pressure on race leader Brian Steele.

Then a key moment in the race unfolded which had everyone in the club house gasping out loud. Ollie went for a late dive down the inside of the hairpin, got it all wrong and ended up collecting Brian, spinning them both out. Brian waved his arms in despair upon the realisation his hard fought lead and just been wiped out in an instant.

Todd assumed the lead followed by John. Paul and Andy were up to third and fourth respectively and now each driver had some elbow room. Andy soon passed Paul into turn one and tried to make a dash for it as Paul held back the encroaching hordes.

At the front, Todd had been valiantly holding the lead for much of the race until finally John got a good run out of the loop, poked his nose into the final corner and got a good enough exit to charge away down the straight, completing the pass through turn one.

Meanwhile Ollie was fighting back to make amends for his previous error. It's difficult to see on the camera but it seems the battle between Paul and Bob had allowed him to catch up, and ever the opportunist he jumped them both and began a chase after Andy. I honestly thought he was too far back to catch Andy but right on the final lap of the race he popped her down the inside into turn one and completed the pass. He ran Andy out onto the exit, causing the barriers to go flying as Andy side swiped them on the way by, but the move had been done and by that point it was his corner.

A few more laps he would likely have passed Todd too. He was lighting up the timing screens. but the flag dropped and the first taster of group two action was certainly delicious.


Fastest Lap: Ollie - 39.510

Andy's Footage:

Todd's Footage:

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