Clockwise Championship – Round 1(Part 2)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson


Clockwise Championship Race Review - Round 1(Part 2)

A brief word on group one. Jamie pulled a gap on David Brown at the front in opening laps of the race, as the latter endured a tough race falling down the order. For the first half at least, Jamie was focused on holding 2nd place finisher Luke Hornsby at bay, trying hard to ring every last ounce of performance out of kart 1. Eventually, he found the groove, and began to lap in the 39.6 / 39.7 bracket, but the threat from behind was effectively thwarted when Luke had to instead focus on his rear.

Andy Summers had made his way through the pack at an alarming rate and if Luke didn't keep up the pace, he would be caught. He managed to hold on by the skin of his teeth, but it was a close finish. Tom & Jon were not to far behind but as for the rest of the race, I didn't see what happened so here are the results:

Fastest Lap:Andy - 39.455

So on to group 2 and we had an unusual spinner in Russell Lewis who decided he wanted to check out the view behind on the back straight of all places. Paul Whiffin & Mike Waterfield had to take avoiding action, meaning their driving surface no longer included tarmac. Andy Hodson took advantage of this and stripped Paul of a position. So did Ollie.

Shaun, Ben, and Bob moss then went three wide into turn one as Brian Steele cleared off with the lead. Bob emerged with 2nd place. Mike Waterfield then moved ahead of Shaun in turn one but lost the place again after going wide at the Lightbulb. Andy got caught on the outside too and was passed by fellow cam carrier Todd White.

Positions changed again at the hairpin, with Mike ducking down the inside and Shaun running 2 wheels off the edge on the exit. This allowed Oliver Warner to muscle in on the action but he was muscled out to the outside line of the loop. Meanwhile, Andy Hodson put a stunning pass on Todd White going around the outside of the hairpin!

All hell broke loose into the last corner as Paul Whiffin got on the inside of Todd, Andy tried to get on the inside of Ollie, and as both got pushed out by their attacking counterparts Todd ended up giving Ollie an accidental shunt up the rear mid corner, sending him headlong into the hedge.

With his new found forward momentum, Paul stuck a move on Andy into turn one, with Andy very nearly having another brush with the barriers. Things remained close for several laps, with Todd getting the jump on Andy out of the hairpin as they battled past Shaun.

Todd then blew it down into the first corner when he went for a gap that was perhaps a little too far back, and coupled with the fact that Paul got on the brakes unusually late, he turned in for the apex carrying too much velocity and lost his rear end, spinning out facing the apex. He dropped behind Russell into ninth place.

It was at this moment that an as-yet unmentioned predator entered the scene. Race one winner John Magnor came flying through underneath Andy at the Lightbulb, and then straight down the inside of Shaun at the hairpin. Andy still couldn't pass Shaun, and being stuck on the outside at the loop he nearly lost a place to Russell too. This 'nearly' then became a 'did' when Russell assertively got his nose inside down the main straight and passed him into turn one. A gutsy move from the usually reserved man in kart 4.

Ollie was back too. With twigs still sticking out of his ears he passed Todd on the inside of the hairpin. Half a lap later he was rushing down the inside of Andy, twitching the kart as he somehow miraculously managed to get it stopped by the apex. With Shaun heading up a midfield train, the carriages were not willing to stay in line. As they jostled through the last corner, Ollie got a bad exit and came under attack from Andy. However, as Ollie fended him off and left him on the outside of turn one, an opportunistic Todd slotted into the open space and got on the inside for the Lightbulb corner. A shrewd move.

The Fortress like defensive wall of Shaun finally cracked when he went wide at the last corner and ran the rear tyres over the less grippy tarmac off line. Russ, Ollie and Todd all drove underneath him and Andy tried to take advantage too but the margins were too tight into T1. He finally got ahead with another excellent pass into the hairpin.

This had been one of the most actioned filled battles we had witnessed at Sutton circuit. As Ollie moved ahead of Russell into the hairpin and Todd did the same down into turn one, the curtain fell on what was perhaps the race of the day, and probably the race of the opening round of Championship races. Russell would lose one more to Andy when he went too wide at turn one and brushed the barriers, allowing his rival to drive past as he was wildly thrown back on to the circuit.

You can see the video footage of this race from Andy and Todd below, but here are the final results:

Fastest Lap: Oliver Warner - 39.716

Andy's Video:

Todd's Video: