Clockwise Championship – Round 2(Part 2)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Clockwise Championship Race Review - Round 2 (Part 2)

After the excitement of race one, I had high hopes for the second race. From a purely personal perspective, it didn't meet those expectations, but that's not to say it wasn't a good race. I just had a bad one.

It started on lap one when Oliver Warner licked the tarmac with his locked up tyres at the hairpin, getting a tank slapper and blocking Jamie's route through the corner. The route for Tom Kitchener however was not blocked, and he sailed up the inside of them

A nice pass from Andy Summers at T1 meant Jamie was running last at the start of lap two. Not an ideal start, and signs that Jamie might have been struggling with his kart in the early stages. The Wooden Spoon was then handed back to Ollie after Andy passed him in turn one, and Jamie followed him through.

Meanwhile, Jon Brown had gone wide at the loop and practically watched Tom drive on by underneath him, and Brian Steele had meekly kissed the rear bumper of David Brown in front him at turn one, and got completely broadside as he tried to avoid a tangle. This sent him out wide, leaving a gap the size of Katie Hopkins mouth open for everyone to drive in to.

Everyone was through, everyone back down to Andy Summers that is, who had to draw alongside out of the kink as Brian began to resist. He was left on the outside and a beautiful double pass into the apex at the pin from Jamie saw him climb to 7th, from being 10th, dead last a lap earlier.

Tom had tried to pick off Stefano Hug at the same corner, but the rookie held on around the loop and with Jon coming back at them, it was a three way into the final corner. A bit of hustle and bustle later and Tom broke the deadlock by passing at the pin, moments after Kurt Partridge popped himself alongside Bruno at the same corner.

Jamie had caught the trio though, and went around the outside Sutton's tightest bend, somehow securing enough purchase out of it to get on the inside of Jon for the loop. Kart 8 was starting to come good.

Kurt soon lost his gained place at the last corner when Bruno shoved it up the inside. He was followed by Tom, who then dispatched him at turn one while Kurt fought for his life against an encroaching Stefan. It was a great little fight, wheel to wheel through the Bulb until Jamie took the pleasure away by getting between them out of the kink, and following Kurt into the pin.

Andy Summers then reverted to type by pushing Jamie out at turn one to make a pass, having obviously decided the clean route wasn't working for him. After passing Kurt a lap later in the same corner he set off after Bruno, who was holding an excellent third place. John Magnor was also having a scorcher, still in the lead at this point but Tom was closing. The move was finally done with a nice undercut out of the pin. That corner was seeing some action for sure.

Jamie Passed Kurt into turn one and Andy did the same to Bruno, surprisingly leaving him room on the exit kerb. Bruno did not do the same for Jamie though when the latter tried a late braking attempt, overshot a little and allowed Bruno a cutback. This wouldn't have been a bother had Bruno allowed some room for me to get round the kink, but instead Jamie was hung out to dry and slammed into the barriers one after the other. Clunk, clunk, clunk, each barrier being blown outwards in all directions as the number 8 kart bulldozed them aside.

He was lucky not to lose a further place, so he tried again at the last turn this time, however there was no room. He gave Bruno a small clip of the rear right tyre, costing his rival momentum out of the final corner. Jon Brown had come from nowhere and followed Jamie out onto the main straight. Half-heartedness and indecision meant Jamie's line into the first corner was poor. Jon went for the gap on the inside, Jamie being pushed out due to not creating any breathing space, and then was given a clout up the rear for good measure by Bruno who was being passed by Kurt. For the second time in as many laps, Jamie had an unwanted encounter with the barriers.

This time it was pretty fatal, dropping him all the way back to last place. Ollie made a great diving pass on Stefan at T1, a similar example to his move in the first race. I still wonder how he gets them stopped. Jamie took advantage to move out of last position immediately by following him through on the exit. Brian Steele was then displaced by Ollie at the final turn and Jamie at the hairpin.

As far as good battles go, aside from being for 6th, 7th and 8th, the fight between Bruno, Ollie and Jamie was a good one. Bruno looked down and out when he was pitched sideways in the last corner with much more severity than Jamie's knock earlier, but as Jamie held the defensive line behind Ollie into the first turn, the orange and blue clad driver went around the outside! Better yet, there were no barriers left for him to clatter on the exit kerb.

It was eye of the tiger stuff and a fightback Rocky would have been proud of as he threw it up the inside of Ollie at the pin, and with a wick of oversteer mid corner, warded his rival off as they entered the loop. Meanwhile Jon Brown had overcome his pronunciation namesake John Magnor at turn one and looked set for third.

The final act came with Jamie trying around the outside of Ollie at T1 as he attacked Bruno, but then having to defend around the outside of the bulb from Stefan when that move didn't work. Brian Steele had been sitting at the back waiting for an opportunity as he watched the battle unfold in front of him. That opportunity never came so he passed Stefan with a couple of laps to go and defended with his life until the flag.

But speaking of defenses, Bruno had put up a remarkable fight, and proved harder than ever to pass. It was only 6th, but he had earned it, and perhaps deserved much more.


Fastest Lap: Andy - 39.681

Jamie's footage

Kurt's footage: (Skip to 18:09)