Clockwise Championship – Round 4(Part 2)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Clockwise Championship - Round 4 (Part 2)

Tom Kitchener may have had a mare in the first race, but the reverse grid of the second always allows you an opportunity to make amends. He certainly set about doing that, quickly dispatching polesitter Joe Sharpe for the lead and disappearing off into the distance. He would set fastest lap, and that's about all the excitement I can talk of for the race winner.
A few karts back, Jam Wesson made a nice pass on his Team 175 team-mate Todd White at the hairpin and then similarly snuck up the inside of John Magnor into the final corner. He would spend the next few laps hunting down the resilient Joe Sharpe before finally passing into the hairpin. And that's about all the excitement I can talk of for the second place finisher. Joe showed some excellent pace though and secured a podium finish by the time the flag fell.
That just leaves us to join the action in the midfield then which turned out to be a bit more intense. Todd was getting caught right in the thick of it with Jon Brown passing him around the outside in turn one. John Magnor turned out not be quite so easy for the stock car ace, holding him at bay as the top three charged away.
Andy Summers had attempted to go up the inside of Mark Bramford at the hairpin on the opening lap and nearly got the move done, but Mark just held the inside line of the loop. The two then caught up with Todd, Mark giving him a little rub on the right rear as they came out the last corner.
Mark was then caught off guard as Andy appeared in the kart width of gap he had left on the inside into turn one, making a similar pass to that which had won him the race in the first heat. Despite doing a great job at holding them off, Todd lost out as Andy got a nice tight exit out of the Switch to pass into the hairpin, and Mark Bramford landed a sweet undercut out of turn one to leap frog ahead.
John Magnor was now bottle necking 'H-less' Jon and Andy Summers. The deadlock was broken when Jon Brown got the inside approach to turn one. Andy attempted to follow through but John managed to sandwich himself back between them. However, unable to pull off a repass at the hairpin John found himself on the outside of the loop and surrendered his place to Andy.
As John then thought about defending his position to Mark, Andy was getting tangled with the other Jon down at turn one, making small contact as they both aimed to squeeze through the apex at the same time. This wasn't really allowing them to break away and as Mark made his pass on John Magnor into turn one, the fight was only a couple of kart lengths up the road. A fight he was all too willing to join.
John had been solid in the opening quarter, but was now involved in the battle at the back as the race passed the half way point. Still, they were on the tails of the three battling ahead. Anything could happen.
As Mark charged to catch them, Andy had another go at passing Jon into the hairpin, again resulting in contact between them mid corner. Jon held the line on to the loop but it was clear this was going to be an intense battle. Once Mark had caught, inevitably an incident occurred. But not one which was the result of any malice, rather a very unusual mistake from the reigning champion...
As Andy once more aimed his nose up the inside of Jon into turn one, the tight gap began to close as Jon turned in for the corner. Attempting to accommodate this closing space and thread his kart through the eye of a needle was too much to ask of even Andy, who without contact simply locked up his rears and spun out.
Mark swooped by underneath him, but as he got going again John Magnor tried to squeeze along the left hand side through the kink. There was no gap there though, and John clattered the barriers with a smack that sounded like a horse getting slapped. The momentary restraining order allowed Todd to snatch 7th and leap out of last place.
The battle for fourth was on between Mark and Jon Brown. With a great tow up the back straight Mark went for the inside into the final corner, the same move he had used to pass Andy at the start of race one. Surprisingly, the gap was there and the two went wheel to wheel through the double apex. Whether the next bit was through intent or lack of grip I'm not quite sure but Mark ended up pushing Jon off track on the exit.
With Andy back in the mix, the three would run bumper to bumper until the penultimate lap when Jon would make a sweet move into the hairpin. Mark had been leaving kart width gaps into corners all day long and Jon exposed one right at the death to reclaim fourth place. Andy made a couple of attempts at going around the outside of Mark and they were practically next to each other as they crossed the line, but Mark just held on to fifth place. Contrasting fortunes in both races for some drivers, but thus concluded another great morning of racing at Sutton Circuit.
Results: Tom, Jamie, Joe, Jon, Mark, Andy, Todd, John.
Fastest Lap - Tom: No idea.
Todd and Mark's onboard footage are both great to watch, but I'm going to use Mark's as the main vid again for the tasty action. It's nice to be spoilt for choice of onboard camera's!!
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