Clockwise Championship – Round 7(Part 2)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Clockwise Championship - Round 7 (Part 2)

With one group and a full grid it was always going to be tough for the guys at the back to make their way through. Andy Summers started off well though with a nice pass on Jam Wesson at the hairpin. His first move of the race at the corner would go a lot better than his last...

It got a bit scruffy in the opening laps with Steve Langford in particular getting a bit of a bruising. He was resilient enough however to hold his position but Brian Steele wasn't quite so fortunate. In a medley at the first corner he was left with no option but to go headlong through the barriers, eventually dropping to the back.

Race one winner Tom Kitchener was the next to pass Jamie at the first turn but soon after he got caught out battling with Ian Noddy Noden at the final corner, resulting in him veering off the circuit and Ian drifting out wide, allowing Jamie to undercut and pass them both.

With the field thinning out Jamie saw it as a good time to start making gains forward with Steve being his first challenger. The pass went according to plan at T1 but the understeerey nature of his kart meant he had to practically stop at the apex to get it turned. Not expecting this sudden blockade, Steve ended up smashing into the back of him on the cutback. Jamie was shoved through the gap in the exit barriers and onto the grass, bouncing back on track at the bulb but fortunately losing no places.

Not long after, Jamie got himself in a position to join in the battle at the front by passing Paul Whiffin into the final corner and John Magnor into turn one. The battle for the lead was getting tasty as Andy began his assault on David Brown, who had been at the head of the pack from the start.

Andy chose the hairpin to make his move, but he perhaps hadn't chosen his moment very well. With the pressure of Jamie on his six, it was understandable why he acted with haste. But as the apex dawned Andy met Bruno's kart in the middle, sending the race leader spinning out. Andy hesitated on the exit, intending to let Bruno back ahead, but the damage was too great. Jamie seized upon the moment to skip past them both and inherit the lead, and Bruno was subsequently passed by Tom, John and Paul. Andy could do nothing but carry on, where he would be given a drive through penalty for causing a collision.

As Jamie happily claimed the race win ahead of Tom who had done a brilliant job making his way back from the earlier off, Paul Whiffin nailed a move on John Magnor to take third. Todd White struggled to show the raw pace from earlier in the day and struggled to a lowly finish, while Andy wound up 7th following his mistimed pass.

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