Clockwise Championship – Round 5(Part 1)

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Clockwise Championship - Round 5 (Part 1)

First of all, apologies for the unpunctual arrival of this race report. I do like to keep you in anticipation. The fifth round of the Sunday clockwise series was met with excellent weather conditions, and saw Tom Kitchener grab a superb pole position ahead of rival Jam Wesson. A sensational qualifying performance from John Magnor saw him line up third ahead of championship leader Andy Summers, and Todd White continued his good form by landing fifth on the grid. They were joined in the top group by Andrew Strike, fresh from a good performance in the Anti-Clockwise Team 175 race a few days before and now wishing to get in some clockwise lappage, and Paul Whiffin who finally made his way back into the premier flight.

Once the race got underway John immediately found himself at odds with his kart, fighting against wayward oversteer. Until he got some rhythm, he fell easily victim to Andy and Todd, dropping to 5th place.


At the front, Tom had to start defending his lead, squirming his kart as he chucked it at the corners with everything it had. As he took the defensive line down the back straight Jamie began to draw along his outside, but Tom drifted over and gave him a small nudge as he pinched him at the turn in point forcing Jamie to take quick action to avoid dipping a wheel on to the grass.

The battle continued with relative subtlety for some time, Jamie deciding to drop back on a couple of occasions to go for fastest lap as a consolation, which he achieved. Eventually he began to draw ever closer on to Tom's bumper and began looking for any chink in the armour. Unable to find a breach he tried something unorthodox as he rounded the final corner nose to tail with the leader.

Braking as late as he dared, he threw it down the outside into turn one. Unfortunately for him, the braking was too late and his kart did not have the grip to cope. He went sailing into the barriers, the safety blocks doing their job of sapping the energy and bringing Jamie's stricken kart to a near halt.


Andy drove ahead, as did Todd who had been sticking on to the back of Andy for the entire race, confident he could mount a challenge should he close the gap. The number 2 kart got going again, with the objective to try and make any amends he could for throwing away second place.

Further back, John was defending hard from Andrew Strike and Paul Whiffin. He was doing well to hold his position for most of the race until he made a mistake into the hairpin, locking his brakes and letting Andrew slip underneath him. He maintained the fight though and the trio enjoyed a good battle to the flag.


Back toward the front and Jamie had caught his Team 175 team-mate Todd White. trailing him down the straight he pulled to the left in the braking zone as Todd went defensive and this time executed a perfect late braking overtake around the outside, pinching Todd against the apex. That's how it should have gone the first time! It just needed a small rehearsal...


There wasn't enough time left in the race to catch Andy, and the flag fell as Tom took the win. It had been a close race, with each driver separated by only tenths against those racing around him.

Here are the final results:


Tom, Andy, Jamie, Todd, Andrew, John, Paul

Fastest Lap: Jamie - 40.193


In Group Two, Brian Steele romped home to take the win in the first race as Simon Lee had a hard time holding off Steve Langford for second. Steve had made his way up from 5th on the grid and would go on to score fastest lap in both races.

It was his performance in race 2 though that would secure him driver of the day, winning the race as Brian endured a similar fate stuck behind Russell in the second podium spot. Brian had very nearly won the award himself, especially after a spectacular move at the hairpin saw him pass three karts on one corner, but Steve had looked electric in that group all morning.


Here is my onboard footage of the first race in group one:

Jam's Onboard