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Team 175 Championships – Round 6

Team 175 Race Review – Round 6 Just a short review of today’s T175 race, as I forgot to hit record on my camera for both, yes both, stints. :/ (Dunce!) Kart 11: David Brown & Jon BrownKart 8: Andy Summers & Ian Noddy NodenKart 4: Jam Wesson & Todd WhiteKart 10: Taz Kolar & Pete GaverilKart […]

Team 175 Championships – Round 5

Team 175 Race Review – Round 5Anti-Clockwise is hairy at the best of times. Not in an orangutan kind of way, but the scary hairy kind of way. Now try that in the dark. The combination makes for one heck of a thrilling experience. This treat was lined up for perhaps the only time this […]

Team 175 Rd 4 Winners - Andy and Noddy

Team 175 Championships – Round 4

Team 175 Race Review – Round 4For what I think has been every race of the season now, a reverse grid was decided on Sunday and Russell Lewis led the karts away with Jon Brown and Jam Wesson surprisingly right behind him. Both teams were carrying extra lead, the Browns because of Bruno’s weight loss […]

Jamie Wesson & Todd White

Team 175 Championships – Round 3

Team 175 Race Review – Round 3With the third rounds reschedulement after heavy rain caused the original date to be called off, coupled with the unfamiliar anti-clockwise direction, I wasn’t sure how popular the night would be. But to my pleasant surprise, we had a full 8 team turnout, and a race on our hands…  Teams:Kart […]

Race Report

Team 175 Championships – Round 2

Team 175 Race Review – Round 2The Teams – Kart 1: Pete Adams & Tony Kerr Kart 2: Russell Lewis & Craig Dudley Kart 3: Don Bowen & Sean Cassidy Kart 4: Todd White & Jam Wesson Kart 5: Stewart Dee & Noah Timmington Kart 6: Richard & Jack Warren Kart 7: Ian Noddy Noden […]

Race Report

Team 175 Championships – Round 1

Team 175 Race Review – Round 1A healthy grid of 9 teams ventured forth on Sunday for the opening round of the T175 Championship. In no particular order they were: Kart 9 – Lee Hammond & Ian Noddy Noden Kart 1 – Tony Kerr & Pete Adams Kart 2 – Russell Lewis & Craig Dudley […]