Team 175 Championships – Round 6

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Team 175 Race Review - Round 6


Just a short review of today's T175 race, as I forgot to hit record on my camera for both, yes both, stints. :/ (Dunce!)
Kart 11: David Brown & Jon Brown
Kart 8: Andy Summers & Ian Noddy Noden
Kart 4: Jam Wesson & Todd White
Kart 10: Taz Kolar & Pete Gaveril
Kart 3: Neil Summers & Oliver Warner
Kart 1: Russel Lewis & Neil Hine
Kart 2: Mark Darler & Craig Dudley
Qualifying was a tricky affair with the conditions proving as greasy as a Greek takeaway following heavy rain the previous day and overnight. However the sun was out and the track was being drenched in warm, soothing rays. The track was going to improve minute by minute.
A reverse grid was decided, and the championship contenders in Kart 4 had opted to split their strategy, with Todd taking the race start. It would prove useful at the end of the race when the conditions were best, to give the team a shot at fastest lap.
After getting pole, Ian Noden was at the back of the grid with Jon just in front of him. A chaotic opening lap saw the number 2 kart, possibly Craig Dudley, get spun out at the hairpin. Jon scythed his way up the pack at an alarming rate and it wasn't long before he was ahead of their table leading rivals. Then disaster struck for the number 4 kart. As the spectators watch the pack flash by, there was a noticeable omission. Where was Todd White?
The 4 kart was stuck down the banking of the last corner, Todd apparently having an off right before the end of the lap. Considering he was my team mate, I never actually asked him what happened...?
They had lost a full lap, and by the time the first stops came round, the race looked to be over. Once the switch was made, Jamie completed his out lap narrowly in time to get ahead of an emerging Andrew Summers. The latter had a couple of looks at passing but the damp track made it hard to find anywhere to take an advantage. Once the pair caught backmarkers, Jamie's quicker passes allowed him to build a small gap. From thereon, they would lap almost evenly for the entire stint, at one point sharing the fastest lap down to the thousandth of a second, until eventually Andy went a couple of fractions faster.
Had they been racing for position, it would have been an intense competition for second place. Todd and Ian were still only separated by what seemed to be centimetres on track during the third stint. Ian had the edge in the drying conditions however, and managed to slice ahead. Todd wouldn't let him go though, hanging on to him for the majority of his final leg.
The last stint was in actual fact all about the last few laps. With the drivers having just about carved out a dry line and the first and last corners starting to play ball, Jamie gunned it for everything kart 4 had and dipped it into the 39's with only a lap of the race left to run, the only driver to do so. The point for fastest lap was crucial. The pair had made a remarkable recovery to third after Ollie Warner had hit the cone and been given a drive through penalty. It means that the championship will come down to the final race. Whichever team finishes ahead of the other, will take the title.
1st: David & Jon
2nd: Ian & Andy
3rd: Jamie & Todd
4th: Neil & Ollie
5th: Taz & Pete
6th: Russell & Neil
7th: Mark & Craig
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