Clockwise Round 9 – Race 2 – 2015

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson


Clockwise Championship Round 9 Review - Race 2

The second race began like always with a reversed grid. The tightly gapped field at the start of the race saw drivers try and look for an early opportunity to pass, as well as defend from the drivers looking to do likewise behind.

At the start of the second lap, Jon Pethick made the first pass down the inside of Alex Haydon Williams. Jam Wesson tried to follow him through at the apex but couldn't quite get the purchase out the corner. Alex lived to fight another lap, but he came under enormous pressure to keep his place.

Eventually, the pressure cracked open a gap as Jamie got a good drive out of the loop and took to the inside on the approach to the final corner. Alex was wise enough to see the move coming and fairly left room. It was good, clean driving.

Alex then kept on the back of Jamie as the latter set about catching Jon ahead, who was about to start attacking Oliver Warner and Kurt Partridge in front. It didn't take long, with Jon taking to the grass in an effort to get a look down the inside of Ollie on the main straight. Some people will go to any extreme for an inside line!!

A lap later the trio created a sort of triangle formation down the pit straight, with Ollie once again guarding the inside, Jon switching to the outside and Jamie tucking in on the the inner line. They all met up at the apex with Jon getting on the outside of Ollie. They jostled through the kink but Ollie maintained the inside line on the approach to the Lightbulb. This left Jon on the outside, and Jamie was more than happy to take up the gap on the inner line, moving himself ahead. He wouldn't stay there long though, as Jon came right back at him into the hairpin with a clean move to retake the position.

Ollie continued to defend well for the next couple of laps, but then Jamie pulled off something miraculous. Oliver got a little touch of oversteer on the exit of the final corner, and Jon once again tried to squeeze himself into a closing non existent gap on the inside down the main straight. This slowed both drivers up a little, and Jamie charged down the outside. He cleared Jon, and braking late drew alongside Ollie on the entry. He held it around the outside and got good traction off the exit. Sufficiently alongside, he powered through the kink with a bit more pace and moved cleanly ahead as they entered the Lightbulb. 2 karts in one corner, around the outside! Beautiful.

Moments later, Jamie turned in for the hairpin and felt a thud that required a bit of opposite lock to keep the kart stable. Ollie had locked up and slammed into the side of him. Spinning out, Ollie lost places to both Jon and Alex, falling back to last place. Thus ensued a good battle between Jon and Alex, with the latter being quicker through the first sector, especially under braking, but losing time throughout the rest of the lap as Jon kept pulling enough of a gap to prevent Alex from having a go.

The aforementioned tangle between all those behind him allowed Kurt to pull away and build a comfortable margin, one that Jamie now had to charge down. With a decent amount of laps left, Jamie set about it, and with a small bit of help from being in Kurt's draft he set the fastest lap of the day. With a clean move down the inside into T1, he moved into second place.

Andy Summers was however too far up the road by this point, having simply driven away with the lead. And now, for the first time in ages, you can watch the action from Group 1's second race in the video below, courtesy of yours truly.

Video link:
Video 1


Fastest Lap: Jamie - 39.677

Group two saw a similar action packed race, and once again Dave Windridge was off at T1. He locked up, so decided to take to the grass instead of hitting anyone.

Simon Lee and Andy Hodson went side by side through the Switch, with Andy ending up on the grass on the outside, wrestling his kart back onto the tarmac. He eventually caught Simon and got himself ahead.

There was tight battle unraveling at the front between David Brown, Steve Langford and Brian Steele, which turned into a four-way train a few laps later when Andy caught up. Of the four, it was the man at the back, Andy, that was looking the most threatening, having a look into some open gaps left exposed by Brian into the braking zones.

Steve then made a mistake down at T1, allowing Brian and Andy to get underneath him and pass. This also gave Bruno a bit of breathing space as he continued holding the lead with a very controlled drive. The three behind him were fighting amongst themselves, with Brian defending well and Steve making a half lunge up the inside of the pin in an attempt to gain back some places. While they were squabbling, Bruno simply drove it home to the finish.

Meanwhile, further back, Simon and Dave were having their own little battle. On the very last lap, Dave made his move. Up the inside at the hairpin and the pass was done. The flag dropped. Just in the nick of time!

It was a decent morning of racing. The Sunday series concludes on the 13th of December.


Fastest Lap:Andy H - I didn't get the time.