Clockwise Round 10 – The Final – 2015

 Clockwise Championship Round 10 – The Final – Race ReportWet suits were in demand on the morning of the final round as the typical December weather graced us with a sodden track. Champion elect Andy Summers started his victory tour perfectly by grabbing pole position ahead of rival Jam Wesson. Third in the championship Jon […]

Clockwise Round 9 – Race 2 – 2015

 Clockwise Championship Round 9 Review – Race 2The second race began like always with a reversed grid. The tightly gapped field at the start of the race saw drivers try and look for an early opportunity to pass, as well as defend from the drivers looking to do likewise behind.At the start of the second […]

Clockwise Round 9 – Race 1 – 2015

  Clockwise Championship Round 9 Review – Race 1With the championship all but wrapped up, the penultimate round of the Sunday series seemed quite a relaxed affair. That was until the drivers took to the track.Jam Wesson notched a lap 3 tenths faster than any of his rivals to take pole, while a superb performance from […]

Clockwise Round 8 Recap (Group Two) – 2015

 2015 Clockwise Championship Round 8 Recap (Group Two)I didn’t catch a great deal of action from group two, but here is a brief review of the action I saw.The first pass came courtesy of Ross Proud when he held the inside line over Noah Timminston through the loop. Stewart Dee had a bit of a moment […]

Clockwise Round 7 (Part Two) – 2015

Clockwise Championship Round 7 (Part two)With Bryan dropping out of the second race, it began with Alex Haydon Williams once again starting on pole and being chased by Jam Wesson. The two looked to resume their battle from the first race, this time without any outside interference. They managed to build a small gap as […]

Clockwise Championship Round 7 (Part one) – 2015

 Clockwise Championship Round 7 (Part one)Round 7 began with a bit of a pleasant surprise when Alex Haydon Williams secured pole position with a beautiful lap. Andy Summers was directly behind him with Bryan White and Jam Wesson completing the top four. Kurt Partridge, Oliver Warner and Jon Pethick completed the top group.The race started […]

Clockwise Championship Round 6 – 2015

 Clockwise Championship Round 6 Race ReviewThe grid for the top group looked a little like this: Jon Pethick on pole followed by Luke Hornsby who put in a stunning lap on his guest return to Sutton-Elms. Bryan White and Jam Wesson were just behind them and an appearance from Oliver Warner peaked interest as he […]