Clockwise Round 7 (Part Two) – 2015

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson

Clockwise Championship Round 7 (Part two)

With Bryan dropping out of the second race, it began with Alex Haydon Williams once again starting on pole and being chased by Jam Wesson. The two looked to resume their battle from the first race, this time without any outside interference. They managed to build a small gap as Kurt Partridge held off the rest of the pack. After a few laps of probing and a failed attempt at T1, Jamie eventually got through into the lead at the hairpin and tried to make a break for it.

Alex wasn't going to let him go though and trailed the leader for several laps until he had to turn his attention rearwards. Oliver Warner had cleared Kurt and was now pushing onwards toward the front of the grid. He had fantastic pace, and soon dispatched Alex. This pace proved troublesome for Jamie when he was inevitably caught. He defended as much as he could for as long as he could, but Ollie found an opening out of the last corner, got underneath and had his nose along the right hand side of Jamie's kart as the entered the main straightaway.

In a last ditch effort to defend his lead, Jamie broke as late as physically possible in an attempt to hold his line, and position, around the outside. Unfortunately for him, Ollie had outbroke himself, went too deep into the corner and tagged Jamie's right rear side hard upon turn in. Jamie went spinning into the barriers. Race over.

However, this loss of momentum for Ollie meant he was now sitting prey for Andy Summers and Jon Pethick, who had also cleared Alex. While they didn't pass Ollie straight away, he was seized upon at the hairpin and lost his position to them both. Andy took the lead after starting at the back, and Jon followed him to the flag in what ended up a tight finish.


In group two, Paul Whiffin had a bit of action on the grass after negotiating the tight king with Brian Steele, who had been left on the outside through the Lightbulb corner. Andy Hodson went side by side too with Lee Hammond through the loop to take second, and being caught on the outside meant Lee was also passed by Brian and Paul, who had managed to wrestle himself off the green stuff without too much damage to his race. Ross proud then enjoyed his own shot at passing Lee, slipping up the inside at the hairpin as Lee attempted to fight back with the undercut. Paul eventually managed to overhaul Brian for the final podium spot, and it was a quiet event for Ian Partridge. However, all of this happened way behind eventual race winner Rachel Deacon, who drove a fantastic race to lead from lights to flag.