Clockwise Championship Round 7 (Part one) – 2015

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson


Clockwise Championship Round 7 (Part one)

Round 7 began with a bit of a pleasant surprise when Alex Haydon Williams secured pole position with a beautiful lap. Andy Summers was directly behind him with Bryan White and Jam Wesson completing the top four. Kurt Partridge, Oliver Warner and Jon Pethick completed the top group.

The race started off well enough, but it was immediately evident that kart 1 had no inherent pace. Andy was straight up Alex's inside at the hairpin on the opening lap and scampered off into the lead.

Alex then held on to all that second place was worth, bottlenecking the rest of the field. While not exactly fast, his defense was fair. Bryan was tucked up directly behind him for a number of laps, but on the approach to the hairpin something caught Bryan out and he made a quick adjustment to the right, sending him deep into no-man's land through the tight left hand hairpin.

At this exact same moment, Jon was having a look up the inside of Ollie just as the latter was making an attempt on the inside of Jamie. The resultant moves caused Jamie to get tagged by Ollie on entry, but he quickly caught the wayward rear end and managed to squeeze through the hairpin ahead of Bryan before he could recover himself.

Bryan, Ollie and Jon then went 3-abreast through the loop, with Bryan just managing to hold onto fourth thanks to having the inside line. Jamie then caught Alex and the train once again began to form. Alex defended well, and soon Jamie began to copy his defensive lines in order to keep Bryan and co. at bay.

Then, into T1, Jamie got smashed from behind. The substantial impact force sent him sailing straight into Alex in front. Jamie went wide, Alex went wide, and Bryan slipped underneath. What followed was some of the worst driving I have ever been mixed in with, a stark contrast to Wednesday night...

Alex got another swipe from Bryan into the Lightbulb and Jamie was caught on the outside on entry. Ollie, Jon and Kurt all passed on the inside and then it got really bargy through the kink. It was almost like everyone had their elbows out and was just shoving everyone else around them out of the way. Bryan then pushed Alex out wide and nearly onto the grass through the loop, apparently trying to yield a position back to Jamie who had by this point fallen to last place. Jamie drove underneath them, but shook his head at the terrible driving that was on display...

And that was about it for this race. Bryan held off Alex for a further 10 laps before pitting and retiring from the race and Jon Pethick beat Ollie and Kurt to claim the second place behind Andy, who won by over half a lap.


Fastest Lap: Andy Summers - 39.6

I will briefly touch on Group two's first race here as well. Lee Hammond began making moves early on when he passed Brian Steele into T1 to take third place. Pole Sitter Rachel Deacon then lost the lead to Ross Proud and was soon reigned in by Lee. However in an attempt to pass, contact was made causing Rachel to lose a lot of places and Lee dutifully backed off to amend the error, falling back to the rear of the field himself. Paul Whiffin made his way up to an excellent second place finish and Andy Hodson passed Brian into T1 late in the race to secure the final podium spot.


Fastest Lap: Lee Hammond - 40.265