Clockwise Round 9 – Race 1 – 2015

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson



Clockwise Championship Round 9 Review - Race 1

With the championship all but wrapped up, the penultimate round of the Sunday series seemed quite a relaxed affair. That was until the drivers took to the track.

Jam Wesson notched a lap 3 tenths faster than any of his rivals to take pole, while a superb performance from Alex Haydon Williams lined him up in second place. Oliver Warner was third with Champion to be Andy Summers right behind. Jon Pethick and Kurt Partridge rounded out the top group.

The first race was relatively uneventful at the front for Jamie, who took the same kart he had used for qualifying and drove away with the lead. He would notch fastest lap too, but only narrowly over Jon Pethick who at the start of the race, was beginning his fight towards the front.

Andy had managed to get in front of Ollie early on, and was now defending third place. However, his assailant was now a fast Jon Pethick, who spotted a small gap on the inside down towards turn one. He thrust his kart into the small space, a little bit of contact was made but Jon was through and ahead at the apex. The maneuver however forced Andy wide, and Ollie slipped underneath and back ahead on the exit.

The problems were not over for Andy, who was struggling in the number 4 kart. He locked up on the entry to T1 a few laps later and this time allowed Kurt to get by. He tried to stick with him for the rest of the race, but did not have the pace to mount any sort of passing attempt.

Meanwhile, Jon had closed down a huge gap to Alex who had been steadily holding second. After attacking him for several laps, he decided to pass by going down the outside of T1. Using the better straight line speed, a later braking point and the karts stability under turn in, he nailed the move and was in second place by the time the two came out the corner.

This was pretty much it for race one. The second race would be ever more interesting!

Fastest Lap: Jamie - 39.801

Group two saw little action in their first race. They finished pretty much as they lined up save for a few small changes. Andy Hodson lined up on pole with Brian Steele and Steve Langford on his tail. David Brown, Simon Lee and Dave Windridge lined up behind them.

At the start, Dave W spun at T1. Not the first time he would have an incident at the first corner at the beginning of the race. He would however mount a famous Windridge recovery drive, re-catching the pack and passing David 'Bruno' Brown.

Steve was catching Brian slowly for second place, but just wasn't quite able to get close enough to mount a challenge. Andy drove it home with a decent gap to the karts behind, and Simon had a pretty straight forward drive to fourth place.

Fastest Lap: Andy - 40.873

To keep the length short, I'll write race two in a separate post.