Wednesday Championship Final – Part 2 – 2015

Race Reports

by Jamie Wesson


Wednesday Championship Final - Part 2 - Race Report

Advantage Tom. One point in it after the first race. This was still doable, all Jamie had to do was win the race and either score fastest lap, or hope Tom finishes outside the top two to clinch the title by a point. Easier said than done, but he had given himself the best chance by starting at the front of the 'fast four'.

Todd White led the karts away, and immediately the pack became bunched through the Lightbulb. Todd lost the lead relatively quickly to Lee Hammond, who found a bit of purchase on the inside. Don Bowen, Martin Taylor and Isaac Raine shuffled themselves like a deck of cards and then fell in line on the exit of the kink.

Jam Wesson stuck his nose up the inside of Lawrance Remington at the hairpin and forced him to choose the inside line for the loop. Using the grip on the outside line Jamie went past Lawrance and then sling-shotted himself out of the loop as Don lost momentum to Martin cutting in front of him. Jamie drew level as they approached the last corner, tucked it to the inside and made the pass stick.

Meanwhile, Martin made a good exit and assertively moved himself ahead of Isaac. Jamie squeezed the brakes like he was stepping on eggshells and fought his kart hard as they entered T1, trying not to lock and smash into either Isaac or Martin. Side by side with Isaac on the exit meant he had to take the inside line at the Lightbulb, which was starting to show signs of being quite an effective line.

Martin got a huge slide on through the hairpin and Jamie went to the right as he came out the corner, but now he had no choice but to use the tricky inside line. It was pretty useless, and Martin kept him at bay around the outside. Jamie tried to use the inside again at the last corner, but Martin had been getting some good traction and once again his exit was a good one. Instead, Jamie had to use the apex at T1 to get by.

Now with a bit of clean air, Jamie opted for the outside line through the Bulb, but as mentioned earlier, the inside was proving quite useful and Tom Kitchener used it to devastating effect. As Lee Hammond put 2 wheels on the grass and well and truly binned it deep into the field, Jamie looked to his right and was indeed devastated to see Tom sailing past him on the inside. He had come out of nowhere.

Jamie tried to come back at the pin, but a shrewd cutback from Tom onto the outside line of the loop kept him ahead. Jamie then got a good tow down the main straight, chucked it in deep as Tom defended the inside braking zone for T1, and booted the throttle as he pointed the kart out of the corner. However, there was enough purchase on the apex for Tom to get himself a decent exit too, and thus Jamie's last effort to repass was thwarted.

Todd had enjoyed a lonely lap in the lead by the time Tom caught him, and couldn't do much to preventing himself being pounced upon at the hairpin. Jamie was round him too at the last corner, and the two championship contenders suddenly found themselves one-two.

It wasn't over for Todd though, as Kallum 'Lightning bolt' Jones came streaking through. He was flying! Todd was then prey to Alex Harding and a few laps later, was passed by Lawrance and Martin, the latter trading places with Lawrance on the way through. They had an intense battle, one that Todd tried to join in on when he got sandwiched between the two on the exit of the final corner. It was a joy to watch, check out Todd's footage from the 9 minute mark.

Todd then had to focus his attention further rearward, as Don threw his kart around as he wrestled it through the Lightbulb, passing Todd, and allowing room for Isaac to follow through. While Todd tried to hold the latter at bay, Lee Hammond joined the fun, as Don attacked Martin. Todd eventually fell to the back when Isaac slipped back ahead at the first corner. A small off at the last corner didn't help matters.

The battle continued to rage as Don got the upper hand on Martin, with the latter trying in vain to fight back at the hairpin. Once Isaac had passed Lee, it started to settle down. Meanwhile, at the front, Jamie was experiencing Déjà vu as he was passed again by a charging Kallum Jones. He attempted to stick with him, but just didn't have the pace as the front two stretched into the distance.

Right at the end, Jamie had to hold off Alex, but in a near repeat of the first race, in the dying moments as the flag was held aloft, Kallum Jones struck another patch of sheer genius and passed Tom to take away another win in race two. He had set fastest laps in both races and won them by a fraction. He was certainly driver of the day, and took a little of the shine off the championship contenders that night. It had been an amazing season. A small celebration afterwards allowed the top three to thank all participants, and it seemed evident that everyone was looking forward to the new year ahead.


Fastest Lap: Kallum.

Todd's onboard footage: Video
Jamie's onboard footage: Video