Wednesday Championship Final – Part 2 – 2015

 Wednesday Championship Final – Part 2 – Race ReportAdvantage Tom. One point in it after the first race. This was still doable, all Jamie had to do was win the race and either score fastest lap, or hope Tom finishes outside the top two to clinch the title by a point. Easier said than done, […]

Wednesday Championship Final – Part 1 – 2015

 Wednesday Championship Final – Part 1 – Race ReportIt had all come down to this then. Two drivers, locked on equal amount of points after 9 rounds and 18 races. The victor would be decided here.Jam Wesson had led the championship most of the way until a late season surge from Tom Kitchener saw him […]

Wednesday Round 9 – Part Two – 2015

 Wednesday Championship Round 9 – Part two”That’s a lot of karts to pass” Jamie said to Tom as they sat staring at the long line of karts that stretched the entire length of the pit lane in front of them. It had been a while since the championship had experienced such a full grid, and […]

Wednesday Round 9 – Part one – 2015

  Wednesday Championship Round 9 – Part oneAs we head into winter and draw ever closer to the conclusion of this championship, the likelihood of wet conditions on the dark, cold race nights becomes ever more increased. It was no different for round 9, and while the rain held off for the most part of the […]

Wednesday Round 8 (Group Two) – 2015

 Wednesday Night Championship Round 8 (Group Two)The head of the group two field had been locked out in qualifying by two young starlets in Kai Rose and Jack Warren, and the first race saw the two of them in a tight battle for the lead. Behind them, the rest of the field was quite tightly […]

Wednesday Round 8 (Group one) – 2015

Wednesday Night Championship Round 8 (Group one)Despite the previous three days being a complete wash out, by the time Wednesday night rolled around it was a pleasantly clear, and dry evening. The track was very green and slippy at the start of qualifying, and the cold karts didn’t help the grip levels either. It came […]

Wednesday Round 7 (Group 3) – 2015

 2015 Wednesday Championship Round 7 (Group 3) ReviewHere is a brief summary of the group 3 action:Steve and Mick Raine had been watching Isaac’s stunning performances all season, and wanted a taste of what it was like for themselves. They made their d�but in a competitive group three which saw plenty of action.The aforementioned action […]

Wednesday Round 7 (Group 2) – 2015

 2015 Wednesday Championship Round 7 Review (Group 2)Race One:My notes are a little disjointed on this race, so forgive me if the story of the action is a little less cohesive than usual.Carl Orton made his Wednesday night debut and did a great job to qualify in group two. He lost out a little at […]

Wednesday Round 7 (Group 1) – 2015

 2015 Wednesday Championship Round 7 Race Review (Group 1)Well, what can I say about this first race? That something unprecedented happened? That it was a very first for Sutton Circuit? That the spectators were left open mouthed?Well I can say all of those things because it was in actual fact utterly boring! It was unprecedented […]

Wednesday Round 6 (Part 3) – 2015

 2015 Wednesday Championship Round 6 Part 3The final group was led away by Peter James Kitchener for their first race, with Richard Warren and Richard Andrews just in toe. The action started straight away when on the opening lap, Glynn, who had started in 5th place, spun out after he locked his rear brakes at […]