Wednesday Rounds

Round Dates 2017:

Round One: 8th March | Round Two: 5th April | Round Three: 2nd May | Round Four: 7th June | Round Five: 5th July | Round Six: 2nd August | Round Seven: 6th September | Round Eight: 4th October | Round Nine: 1st November | Round Ten: 6th December  



Championship Tables




Round Ten: 6th of December

Round Nine: 1st of November

Round Eight: 4th of October

Round Seven: 6th of September

Round Six: 2nd of August

Round Five: 5th of July

Round Four: 7th of June

Round Three: 2nd of May

Round Two: 5th of April

Round One: 8th of March









Wednesday 2016

Round Ten: 14th of December

Round Nine: 16th of November

Round Eight: 12th of October

Round Seven: 14th of September

Round Six: 17th of August

Round Five: 20th of July

Round Four: 22nd of June

Round Three: 18th of May

Round Two: 6th of April

Round One: 9th of March