Wednesday Championships

Round One: 7th March

Round Two: 4th April

Round Three: 2nd May

Round Four: 6th June

Round Five: 4th July

Round Six: 1st August

Round Seven: 5th September

Round Eight: 3rd October

Round Nine: 7th November

Round Ten: 5th December

Team 175 Championships

Round One:  Weds 21st February

Round Two: Sun 25th March

Round Three: Weds 25th April

Round Four: Sun 20th May

Round Five: Weds 20th June

Round Six: Weds 25th July

Round Seven: Sun 26th August

Round Eight: Sun 23rd September

Round Nine: Sun 28th October

Round 10: Weds 28 November

Final Round: Weds 12th December

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Has karting allowed you to discover a talent you never knew you had, and now you want to put it to the test against the very best? Or have you ever wanted to go karting but couldn't find any friends willing to go with you? Or maybe you wish you could take up karting as a hobby and meet like-minded people? Fear not, for we have a solution… 

There are those of us that have been bitten by what is called 'the racing bug'. An infectious and insatiable desire to race that leaves you with a void impossible to fill. To satisfy this need, on a starry night underneath a cash 4 gold sign, a wise guru dreamed up the idea of the Sutton Karting Championships. And so they were formed. Incepted in 2009, the in-house seasonal competitions form an integral part of the years racing at Sutton. 

The series begin in February and March and each runs 10 rounds, one a month. There is no membership fee and you can join at any time, competing in whichever rounds you like. The Wednesday championship allows you to drop your worst 6 scores, meaning you only have to complete 7 rounds to build a full score. You will simply nullify your worst scores should you gain additional points in subsequent rounds. The points are allocated on a race by race basis, rather than by round. So, if you had one good race and one bad one on the same day, you can still drop your bad race later in the season while keeping the good. The T175 championship allows you to drop 4 scores as an individual.

The top three drivers at the end of the year in each championship receive a coveted Sutton winners trophy, however despite the team 175 series being scored individually, the fact you earn the same amount of points as your team mate hasn’t stopped some from sharing the glory at the end of the year. 

The championships are open to anybody and can accommodate all experience levels. We start with a qualifying session, after which you will be allocated to a group relative to your skill level. The fastest drivers in group one, the next 10 in group two and so on. With such an equal fleet of karts, coupled with the fact we promote an attitude of clean racing, it makes for some very intense and close action.

The entry fee for each round is £42 per person. Give the circuit a call before each event to let us know you wish to take part, and then simply turn up on the day. If you have questions or simply would like more information, send us a message on our Facebook page or fill in the form Here. Read on below for more details on each championship, we look forward to seeing you on track. 

Wednesday Night Series

The Wednesday evening race nights have proved immensely popular over recent years, with many choosing this series as a starting point to learn the ropes of kart racing and launch themselves into the wider world of competitive karting. Known for its relaxed family atmosphere, it’s a perfect place for youngsters and adults alike to start racing. In fact, on some nights, a good third of our grid can be made up of people under 18, and another third over the age of 40, not that they would want you to know that. It really is a championship for all ages.

Night racing is both challenging and extremely fun, heightening the senses and making the racing feel faster. The track will be lit with floodlights or awash with the dying light of a beautiful sunset. In 2018, we are again running our 4-in-1 race. You will be allocated to one of three groups, based on weight. The races will be run after the qualifying round according to speed, but you will get points awarded to your position in your group. No longer do the lightweights have an advantage in the karts. You will be placed in the overall championship as well as your group championship. With great racing at each end of the grid, this will definitely be a championship you will want to try.

Team 175 Championship

This series offers drivers something different all together. You must partner with another driver to win, and rooting for another driver adds a different aspect from the solo championships. All of a sudden, you are invested in another driver's race. You do not need to have a pre-arranged team mate as we regularly pair drivers together on the day. Neither are you required to stick with the same team mate all season, as we are acutely aware that some may not be able to attend every round. We equalise this championship too, where each team must weigh a combined minimum of 175kg. Hence, where the series gets the number in its name. Split between Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings to accommodate all availabilities, there is ample opportunity to take part in this tense and fun event.

The racing can often be fascinating with added strategic elements. Not only will you have to make driver changes during set time windows during the race, each team must also complete one mandatory pit stop which involves a stop and go style dash around your kart. It’s no surprise that most teams choose their most agile driver for this task as it can make or break a race, allowing you to jump a rival team or get stuck behind in traffic. This, combined with the rare opportunity to race anti clockwise on the Wednesday night rounds, offers something unique to Sutton racing.